Chastilock Bodyform
By Pixel

Product Description:

The Chastilock Bodyform range of products is a range of chastity devices based on flexible artificial skin technology rather than the mainly rigid products in the Chastilock 2000 series. This artificial skin bonds to the wearer using nanites in much the same way as the Chastilock 2000 series but the artificial skin also melds with the wearers original skin appearing to disappear into the skin as far as sight and feeling are concerned. The Chastilock Bodyform range consists of individual patches for covering the vaginal, oral and anal regions, larger patches to cover the breasts up to and including full bodysuits, depending on customer requirements. Before application Chastilock Bodyform devices resemble anatomically moulded pieces of transparent rubber covered in an oily lubricant but once they have bonded and be absorbed into to the wearer's skin they become undetectable to human senses. Chastilock Bodyform devices even change colour to match the wearer's natural skin tones, although they are capable of changing to other colours if programmed to do so.

All Chastilock Bodyform devices have nano-centres incorporated throughout their construction. While being much larger than nanites and are immobile they are still invisible to the naked eye and are capable of more sophisticated tasks then their smaller cousins.

Nano-centre functions include: Environmental sensing including sensitivity to light, temperature, magnetic and electrical fields and chemical detection; sensory alteration via nerve induction; limited motor function modification also via nerve induction; colouration changing; and either temporarily or permanently anchoring to other nearby nano-centres. In addition the nano-centres of a Chastilock Bodyform device are collectively capable of complex computational tasks allowing for the product range to
accomplish some quite sophisticated functions. The Chastilock Bodyform's artificial skin, in addition to containing nano-centres, is covered in nanites, which perform the initial bonding and integration. While the default skin, Chastiskin, behaves in all ways like ordinary skin it variations can suppress hair grown, release excess heat without sweat. Chastiskin can also be made subtly more rigid than normal skin to facilitate cosmetic alteration without need for surgery.

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Vaginal Chastiskin
The base product is an approximately triangular path with a built in sheath. The patch covers the pubis while the sheath is pushed up into the vagina. Once bonded to the wearer the Chastiskin creates a urinary catheter allowing the wearer to urinate normally, or to control urination if required. Like the Chastilock 2000 series the Chastilock Bodyform product seals off the womb making pregnancy impossible and nanites deal with menstrual blood as well.

The inside of the sheath of the device has an artificial wet feel to it, to facilitate easy penetrative sex without need to resort to artificial lubricants. Because the Chastilock Bodyform devices are not rigid, the wearer will be able to feel sensation through them but the nano-centres linked to surrounding nerves can modify and even block sensations in a very selective and complex way. The result of this is that the wearer of a Chastilock Bodyform vaginal device will still have sensation in the sensitive areas of her vagina. These sensations will be modified so as to deny the wearer enough stimulation to achieve orgasm. Typically this is done by reducing sensation in the vaginal lips and clitoris to that of the less sensitive skin of the outlying pubic region.

Inside the vagina best results have been achieved by blocking the sense of friction completely while leaving all other sensation unaffected, so while the woman will be able to feel herself be penetrated and feel the depth of penetration she will not feel anything that registers as movement and therefore not receive any significant stimulation. To further enhance the pleasure of any man having sex with a woman wearing a Chastilock Bodyform device the device will detect and monitor such sexual activity and stimulate vaginal and pelvic muscles in the wearer to simulate the motions of enthusiastic response. While the base function of the vaginal device is to deny sensation the device can be programmed to create artificial stimulation of various kinds. This stimulation can either be in response to control devices such as the supplied remote control or to circumstances. For example it is possible to make a wearer feel pain instead of the normal pleasure when being penetrated or a pleasure/pain level can be controlled from the remote so that sometimes sex can be pleasurable (even orgasmic) or painful, or both, depending on the whim of the remote control's operator.

Chastilock Bodyform's punishment features are also implemented via nerve induction. This has two benefits, firstly the requirement for bulky devices is eliminated and secondly, because nerve are being stimulated directly, a wider variety and combinations of sensations can be achieved, including simulated electric shocks, heat, cold, clamping, pulling, pins and stings, and because only nerves are being triggered there is never any danger of actual physical damage.

While the Chastilock Bodyform vaginal device can prevent a woman ever achieving orgasm it doesn't in itself stop a woman choosing when and who to have sex with. If such control is required then a series of addition are available to facilitate this. As standard the vaginal device comes with a small curved disk. This disk is contoured to fit between the inner and outer vaginal lips and its surface is covered with nano-centres. Once inserted between the vaginal lips and activated by the remote the nano-centres on the disk and on the vaginal device anchor together making the removal of the disk, without the remote, all but impossible. The disk has a small hole that connects to the urinary catheter to facilitate urination but all other access to the vagina is prevented. An advantage the Chastilock Bodyform has over the Chastilock 2000 series is that, even when the vagina is completely sealed, the device is completely invisible and only when someone tries to part the vaginal lips will they find that the vagina is sealed. Ideal for those wishing for completely hidden chastity. Additional options include a disk with a keyhole, for those who want to keep their women under lock and key, and a disk with an internal dildo -- so that while the outside world is none the wiser, the wearer is constantly reminded of her chaste state.

For lesbian use there are versions with external dildos, in a variety of shapes and sizes. These dildos can have sensors in them that transmit stimulus to the wearer's vagina, allowing them to feel something of what they are doing, and (as with all sensory information) this can be modified to cause a wide variety of sensations.

An option that has proven popular in pre-release trials is a modified Chatlilock 2000 device, with its nanites replaces by nano-centres. The Chastilock 2000 device can then be inserted and locked into place but then removed at some later time. One of our test subjects, a lingerie model, has her vagina sealed by a dildo-disk during the working day and by a Chastilock 2000 insert at all other times. The subject reports that she doesn't have to worry about the Chastilock 2000 showing up under the scrutiny of the camera, and because the object inside her changes from day to night, she is never quite able to get used to its presence. With this option all normal Chastilock 2000 options are available, and the bonding can be made permanent should the need arise.

Anal Chastiskin
Anal devices function in the same manner as vaginal ones.

Breast Chastiskin
Breast Chastiskin behaves much in the same manner as vaginal Chastiskin, only this time by reducing sensation in the breasts and nipples. A popular addition feature of the breast device is to include padding to enlarge the breasts. Chastiskin is able to mimic the skins natural elasticity and colour and therefore such breast augmentation appears completely natural, although a slight stiffening of the skin is common to add perkiness. In the standard product, the nipples are so augmented, giving them a permanent erect appearance. This fits in nicely with the "always ready for sex" appearance that the vaginal device creates. As with the vaginal device, Chastilock 2000 nipple covers can be temporarily or permanently fitted to the nipples.

Oral Chastiskin
This functions exactly the same as vaginal Chastiskin. The device covered the lower face below the nose and for about a centimetre around the mouth, although a full-face or even full-head option is available.

With the oral sheath however it extends all the way down the throat to the vocal chords. In its base state, the wearer of an oral Chastiskin can still talk, eat and taste normally as the Chastiskin covering the tongue is capable of passing taste sensations to the tongue. When silence mode is activated sensor around the vocal chords detect movement and immediately deliver a paralysing shock to them, making any sound almost impossible. Furthermore, punishment sensations are created in the mouth to discourage the wearer from make further attempts to speak.

The oral Chastiskin has a retractable flap built into it, which resides at the back of the throat in the wearer. This flap can be triggered to close thus preventing the wearer from swallowing and from spitting (air from the lungs cannot pass into the mouth). With the locking disk placed between the teeth and lips the wearer must keep whatever is in her mouth there indefinitely.

All the locking/blocking options of the vaginal device are available for the oral device but with the added option, where applicable, to transmit taste sensations or deny them. This can ensure that the wearer has to taste the fruits of her oral sexual efforts. One of our demonstrators is made to wear a prosthetic erect phallus in her oral device constantly -- not only does she get the full taste of her mistress's orgasm when she rides her face but also of the pillow at night. Furthermore because there is no saliva available the taste lingers until she is able to wash it.

Body Chastiskin
Body Chastiskin can be used to tuck in the waist and shape the buttocks and legs, apparently in a natural way, and all in a way that feels completely natural to the wearer. Wearers report that even though their waist has been reduced by several centimetres, it doesn't feel compressed like a corset or waist clincher would. Our lingerie model customer has a full body suit and, in addition to keeping her chaste and silently gagged at all times, her figure and complexion remain perfect. As Chastiskin is able to change colour on demand, it can be used to simulate a tan or lack thereof, and can be used (with the aid of a simple to use computer program) to achieve a variety of makeup effects. With a built-in quick recall system makeup styles can be changed as simply as changing the channel on the TV.

Biochemical Regulation
With our previous products, some wearers reported that certain sensations generated by our devices over a long period of time either became too much to bear, or seemed to wear off as their bodies either developed an allergic reaction to constant stimulus or developed a tolerance. While this is not a problem with short-term effects, it does cause a problem for long-term requirements.

With the Chastilock Bodyform range, we have solved this problem and opened up a whole new area of mild long-term sensations we can cause. This is achieved by our devices constantly monitoring the wearer's body-chemistry and detecting subtle changes and acting accordingly. When long-term or even permanent sensations are active, the system monitors the wearer, and when the wearer is distracted by other things, it subtly lowers the level of stimulus -- then, at an appropriate time, increases the stimulus. The net effect is that just as the wearer thinks that she has managed to ignore the ever-present sensation it returns apparently with a vengeance.

A secondary function occurs when the wearer is asleep. The system detects that the wearer is asleep, and begins to flush the body of all the relevant compounds -- in some cases starving the body of them -- so that when the wear wakes, she is sensitised to them. Not only does this make the sensations more acute but also it actually requires less stimulus to achieve the result. Many women report that being made to keep their legs apart makes them feel vulnerable and submissive. With biochemical regulation and nerve induction,
we have been able to create these feelings in Chastilock Bodyform wearers on an apparently continual basis -- a sensation that gets worse when they are made to keep their legs apart. One woman who had a habit of flashing her breasts in public now feels too naked when clothed to ever voluntarily expose herself, and indeed she finds it a struggle to undress at night.

Chastilock Bodyform Clothes
Clothes can be made with a nano-centre lining. These clothes can be temporarily anchored to any part of the body covered Chastilock Bodyform Chastiskin, making them impossible to be removed without first releasing them via the remote or programmed event. The nano-centres of these garments are programmed with their dimensions and if the wear has a full-body Chastilock Bodyform, then the nano-centres of the garments inform the Chastilock Bodyform as to which parts of the body should
be covered and which should be exposed. The Chastilock Bodyform, using its array of nano-centre sensors can detect any unauthorised garments and deliver an appropriate punishment.

Chastilock Bodyform devices are able to distinguish between types of fabric and human or animal touch and identify points of rest to prevent the wearer being accidentally punished for lying or sitting down, or for being touched by others. For example, one wearer required to leave her breasts exposed would be punished for trying to cover them with her hands, but not when others touch her breasts.

Chastilock Integrated Restraints
Chastilock Integrated Restraints can be modified to work with Chastilock Bodyform in the same manner as Chastilock 2000 devices. These modified restraints also function like Chastilock Bodyform -designed clothes in informing Chastilock Bodyform devices about which areas of skin should be covered or uncovered.

Product Demonstrations
Amy, here, is a lingerie model, and as you can see, she appears completely naked and unrestrained. But thanks to a full-body Chastilock Bodyform she is completely safe, silent and secure. Note her perfect figure and flawless complexion. Her Chastilock Bodyform keeps her figure trim and skin clear and, as you can see, permanently destroyed any trace of body hair.

Before Amy was fitted with her Chastilock Bodyform, she had a reputation of being difficult to work with -- now though, she is a perfect angel. Her master and agent can send her off to photo shoots alone safe in the knowledge that thanks to the security plate hidden beneath her vaginal lips, she can't get into trouble. Of course if her master thinks that she might cause trouble all on her own, he travels with her and used the remote to keep her under control.

Amy's silencer is permanently enabled, preventing her from speaking, but just to be safe Amy has a locking plate in her mouth too. Amy's master is somewhat of a traditionalist and the plate can only be opened with a traditional style key. Just by pushing her lips apart, the key just slips in and the plate comes away from the mouth. To prevent Amy from parting her lips voluntarily, the nano-centres in the lips disable motor function in the relevant muscles when the plate is in place.

Note now how Amy's mouth is wide open. This also is not a voluntary response, but a nano-centre programmed one. The muscles in her jaw are being triggered to keep her mouth open to accept a Chatilock 2000 style oral device. We don't even need to put in the device ourselves, because Amy will gladly do it for us just to stop the horrible pain in her nipples. As the Chastilock 2000 oral device is inserted it expands in her mouth to fill it completely and securely trap her tongue. Although Amy put in the device in herself there is no way for her to remove it.

While the Chastilock Bodyform device allows her to be restrained in such a manner as to not hinder her career, at home her master likes a more visible indicator of her restraint, and when Amy goes out to work, she has to wait for her master to remove it and lock in the hidden plate between her teeth and lips. Amy used to dislike oral sex. She claimed that she didn't like the taste. Now though, with the inner lining of her Chastilock 2000 oral device being taste-enabled, she has to endure her master's taste from the moment he uses her and secures the plug, until she falls asleep and the device enters its cleaning phase -- and thanks to Biochemical Regulation, the sensation of taste stays potent. Unlocking the inner lining, the feeding hole has no taste receptors, and therefore the only thing she ever tastes now is her master's semen.

Mira, here, is wearing a rather fetching PVC one-piece, high-cut at the hips and clinching the waist, but leaving her rather-large breasts completely exposed. Mira doesn't like having her breasts so exposed, especially now that they've been enhanced and exposed by her full-body Chastilock Bodyform. However Mira can't cover her breasts or put on additional clothing, because her Chastilock Bodyform would detect it and punish her severely. Furthermore she cannot remove the outfit she is currently wearing, because it is locked in place until her husband sees fit to remove it. What's life and sex like with Chastilock Bodyform?

"It's so embarrassing, to be seen in public like this, but the worst thing is the sex. My pussy lining is always ready for my husband and he can take me whenever he wants. I think I'd rather feel nothing but the reduced sensation is maddening. Coupled with the fact that my hips buck and my vaginal muscles contract because of this damned nerve induction thing, my mind goes nuts. My husband thinks he's having great sex, but I can't help but get a little crazed, despite knowing what's going on. I get all the cues for sex, but with none of the sexual stimulation. I hate having sex now, but when it's all over I find myself wanting more as my mind searches desperately for the missing sensations. And when my husband pulls out of me, I feel all empty and alone, sometimes it makes me cry."

"Although I don't really like sex anymore, my husband get sex whenever he wants. All he has to do use the little remote thingie, and I'm begging to do anything for him. If I make too much fuss he simply enables my silencer. I can always tell when my silencer has been activated because I receive a mild but constant stimulation to my clitoris and nipples. My husband often silences me just because the sexual stimulation makes the whole experience more intense for me."

"The strange thing is that despite the mental anguish sex inflicts on me now, and the fact that I can never have an orgasm ever again, my husband and I are closer than ever before. Before, our marriage was on the rocks, but now I've come to realise that his pleasure is all-important and that I am nothing without him. And although I still find wearing such degrading outfits as this humiliating, it's normally me who chooses to wear them. I' ve even chosen to wear them to entertain his friends on poker evenings. He says that next week he's going to let the winner of each hand fondle my breasts while the cards are being dealt for the next hand and the final winner will get a blow-job from me. He says I will be silenced, of course, and he have the remote handy to make sure I behave -- but I wouldn't dream of showing him up."