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Chasti-Permalock Corporation offers a diverse line of concepts for the wayward, with a wide range of features and options. These security devices can be customized for any need, and be installed for any required duration -- even permanently.
      There are many reasons to use Chasti-Permalock devices and belts. Whether as population control, to curtail a spouse who has difficulty resisting other temptations or simply to prevent inappropriate self-stimulation, CP products have a proven success rate.
      Chasti-Permalock devices are all biologically-safe. They all allow the continuance of bodily functions without permitting sexual stimulation, so they don't have to be removed for any reason whatsoever. Here's a few testimonials:

"After my sexual assault, my lawyer and I made a permanent Chasti-Permalock device part of the inevitable out-of-court settlement. The bastard hasn't touched anyone since. As for me, I have a Chasti-Permalock too, and I've never felt safer!"
-- Amy F.

"A Chasti-Permalock belt would have spared my family a lot of public humiliation."
-- Hilary C.

There are plenty of additional options you can get even with our most basic belts. Any option can be devised -- it is limited only by your intent and imagination. And for females, there is also another erogenous zone which can be addressed: her breasts. Chasti-Permalock can provide a number of options there, from nipple covers that are attached by piercing, to full-fledged breast cups which cover the mounds completely. These are usually preferred to be removable for practical reasons, but a permanent option is still possible.
      For more details regarding Chasti-Permalock security devices, please visit some of our links in the menu above.


Chasti-Permalock is a fictional company,
and the products they offer are purely fantasy.
See commentaries on chastity fetish and
fantasy, if puzzled.

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