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Hi! Iím Chastity Lalibertť, founder of the Chasti-Permalock Corporation, and Iím here to tell you about our newest product, the Chasti-Lock 2000 and its accessories!
      It incorporates the latest in nano-technology, and is a fiendish device indeed ... so fiendish in fact, that when I decided to go for permanent chastity myself, I opted for the very first of these wicked devices!
      The Chasti-Lock 2000 is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, and fits right inside the vagina, with no belts or uncomfortable straps! Itís so inconspicuous in fact, that you can actually wear it to the beach under your bikini, and no one will ever know that youíre completely sealed and secure; all locked up! The Chasti-Lock 2000 is a gently-curved shield, shaped into two ovals; one to cover the vaginal opening, and one to give a good radius of security around the clitoris for extra protection. The lock portion situates right inside the vagina and doesnít protrude at all. Here, let me hike up my skirt and show you.

Notice how smooth and polished the surface is? But the look is only the beginning! The Chasti-Lock 2000 is the very ultimate in effectiveness! I havenít had an orgasm since before it was installed, and donít see how I will possibly have one ever again.
      The Chasti-Lock 2000 uses microscopic-sized nano-machines, and these are able to restructure matter at an atomic level, for two purposes. Firstly, half of these nanites are programmed to keep the vaginal region clean, healthy, and free of obstruction. As a matter of fact, one of our customers had uterine cancer, and three months after the installation of her Chasti-Lock 2000, all the signs of it were gone! Cleanliness is a prime concern and so the inner assembly of the Chasti-Lock 2000 uses canals to direct menstrual fluids and urine to a catheter, then to a drain valve. The valve easily accepts a plug-in style enema nozzle, and so female discomforts are truly a thing of the past, aside from those associated with sexual frustration, of course.
      The second function of the nanites is to fuse the unitís base to the wearerís body by means of not only bonding the surfaces together; but also to painlessly integrate into the subcutaneous flesh, muscles, and bone structure!
      The Chasti-Lock 2000 is initially fixed in the vagina using gentle clamps and hooks to isolate the various folds and creases, and to brace it against sliding out. As soon as the process is initiated, the nanites, lining the entire inner surface of the appliance, and the two oval shields, then go quickly to work. These nano-machines are capable, as I mentioned, of molecularly bonding the unit to the skin, flesh, and underlying bone structures of the wearer. After three hours, the Chasti-Lock 2000 holds in place as though bonded by a strong adhesive, and 48 hours after insertion it cannot be removed, even surgically! It becomes as much a part of the body as a hand or an eye, and the process is permanent and non-reversible! Whatís more, because it does not fit loosely, there is no chance of rubbing or irritation. The Chasti-Lock 2000 is designed to completely encompass the clitoris of the wearer and so it is fused into the device, isolating this sensory organ completely! There is no way to create friction between the two, for they have, in effect, become a single entity! The Chasti-Lock 2000 is a guaranteed method of isolating and eliminating all of a femaleís abdominal pleasure centres, rendering them totally useless.
      There are other features as well though!
      Janet? Would you go and bring Vivian out from the holding area, please?
      (Janet walks off stage and returns a moment later with a young woman following her closely, then hands a chain leash to the speaker.)
      Vivian here had her Chasti-Lock 2000 installed by her Mother, just a month ago, after she had been out far too late on too many occasions. As a matter of fact, she was still a virgin when it was fitted and so the only thing that has ever penetrated her is this device! Vivian? How effective has the Chasti-Lock 2000 been so far?
      I c-c-canít sense a thing down there! Maybe thereís a need, because I have an occasional throbbing; but all I feel there now is this awful metal plate! Every night, I take a mirror and just look at i-it, then cry myself to sleep. Sometimes itís insufferable!

Donít worry, Vivian, youíll grow to love it! I know I did!
      I-I really donít want to! Iíve had it for a month now, and Iím going to go crazy if I canít get it out and off!
      Be patient, dear. Youíll get over it, Iím sure.
      Alright! I had the key to open the lock and remove the plug destroyed, so I need Vivian here to demonstrate. Iím going to unlock her for a moment, like so. Notice how the base of the device stays firmly affixed to her genital region? Now, taking this dildo, I insert it, like so, then move it around, and Vivian? What do you feel?
      I d-d-donít feel anything!
      Thatís right! The long inner portion of the Chasti-Lock prevents her from feeling any sensation whatsoever! Certainly, she can be penetrated; but the appliance is designed with an inner liner that insulates her from all feeling there. However, it has an inner, textured, pleasure producing surface, so that a future husband or Master will be able to enjoy sexual relations with her; but she will never experience stimulation or arousal from the act! Vivian is fully excluded from the sensations of intercourse; but she can accept anything up to ten inches in length and two inches in width, inside her vagina! Other nanites within the Chasti-Lock 2000 are designed to immediately attack any spermatozoa, and so there is a barrier against any possibility of pregnancy! Iíll put the plug back in and secure it, like this, and show you another feature!
      There! Now, using a different key, I turn the lock in the other direction, and you will see that it remains securely inside the Chasti-Lock 2000. This large, swivelling loop at the end of the key provides a great means of attaching things such as a leash or a chain to, and as you can see, sheís leashed now! For those of you who have never felt the sensation of being led around by a tugging on that sensitive area between your legs, I can assure you that itís an extremely weird and humiliating experience. Vivian, what has your experience been, especially with this option being employed all the time now? But, better yet, why donít you first tell us all about how you came to be fitted with the Chasti-Lock 2000?
      W-well, I went to sleep after being out late at a party, and I guess that m-my Mother put some sort of pill into the drink of water I had before going to sleep that night. I really didnít come fully awake for nearly two days, then I f-found th-th-that I was wearing this awful lock! And I canít get it off!!!
      There, there, Vivian. Donít cry too much. In a couple of years, youíll be quite happy to be sealed like this, Iím sure. Anyhow, please continue, dear.
      W-w-well, after I woke up, I tried to take it off; but nothing would move it, and it hurt a lot when I tried. I did a lot of screaming and crying for a couple of days; but I couldnít do anything about it, by that point, and I got really crazy, I guess. My Mother kept me locked in my room for a week, and she finally got tired of my complaining. When she brought in my food on the Monday, I think she must have put another sleeping pill in it. Oh ... oh .... Damn this thing!
      Calm down a little, if you can Vivian, and continue with your story, OK?
      O-OK. W-w-well, I woke up Tuesday morning, and I felt really strange down there! When I pulled up my nighty there was a ch-ch-chain locked to the ring between my l-l-legs!!! Oh! Itís so unfair!! I couldnít get it off either! My Mom had leashed me with the chain, and its other end was padlocked to a ring u-under my b-bed!! Itís awful! I c-canít get away, no matter how I try!! And itís so humiliating, especially if she takes me out in public! Vivian, do you mean to tell us that your mother actually takes you out in public wearing the leash!!?? And that she keeps you on it all the time now?!!
      Y-Y-Yes!!! And sheís made special holes in all of my pants, shorts, and bathing suits s-s-so that the leash can be attached to the ring while Iím wearing them! My Mom is so mean to me! I canít stand the sensation when she tugs on my l-l-leash, and so I have to go with her! She takes me out shopping with her and itís so embarrassing!
      Well, Vivian, that must be really an incredible experience in humiliation for you; but what about when you wear a dress or skirt?
      Th-then the ch-chain just hangs down between my legs, and when she, or my date, pulls on it, I get even more embarrassed when it lifts the hem up! Oh I hate it!!!
      Well, I suppose itís just something that youíll have to get used to dear; but it must be pretty mortifying to have a chain coming out from under your skirts and dresses; and everyone can see that itís a leash!
      Oh it is! I could just die with humiliation when she takes me out of the house now!
      How about hosiery?
      Now, I have to wear ordinary stockings with a garter belt, or a girdle, or one of those all-in-one corset things and I hate them too!!
      What if you go out to a formal occasion, wearing a long gown?
      Mom always has fixed my long gowns so that they all have small openings just below crotch level, both at the front and back; then she puts my leash through whatever one she thinks is best! And on some of them sheís even accentuated the holes with embroidery and stuff! S-s-sometimes I have to wear t-two leashes; one at the front and one at the back, then sh-sh-she and who ever accompany her can k-k-keep me between them, and everyone can see th-that Iím under their control.
      Ah! It must be quite a funny feeling! You mentioned going out on dates? How do you manage that, especially now?
      Iím not as f-f-free as I used to be, obviously. Mom and Dad allow me to put ads in the personal columns, then they choose the man I can go out with!
      Oh, uh, OK. Seems to be a bit of a regression to olden-day practices there. How do you get around explaining your tether to your date though?
      Well, if they approve of the man, they tell him about my Chasti-Lock 2000, and how safe I am. Then th-they allow him to take me out; bu-but I have to stay leashed all the time! They make him promise! Sometimes the man doesnít go along with it, and th-then I donít get to go out at all, and then they keep me leashed in my room!
      Well, Vivian, it sounds as though youíre having a bit of a rough time getting used to your Chasti-Lock; but youíll find that itís not really all that bad, eventually. Would someone like to try out the leash on Vivian? How about you, miss?

Can I try it out on you, instead?
      Certainly! Hereís the key for that function of my Chasti-Lock. As I mentioned earlier, I canít get the plug out now, because that particular key has been destroyed; but this one is special. OK, notice how the plug doesnít come out? Now, drag me around, and Iíll try to resist. There! Uuurrgghh! Ahhhgghhh!
      The Chasti-Lock 2000 provides an even, non-painful force to the region, remaining firmly and securely attached, even under the most severe strain, thus giving full and intimate control of the woman wearing the Chasti-Lock. OK, maíam, just give me back the leash for a moment, please? Thanks. Now, Iíll connect this other one, and if you examine it .... ?

Lauren, youíll notice some buttons on the handling loop. If you press the yellow one ...? Ooh!!! NO!!! Thatís the red one! Oh God! Oh! God!!! Turn it off! Press it again! You have to press it a second time to t-t-t-turn it off!!!
      Aughhh-ahhech. (sniff) Well, as you can see, there are three ... (puff) ... buttons on the leash. Thereís a green button, and it supplies a low-level electrical current to the region, providing a slight stimulation level - although not enough for me to achieve an orgasm. Then thereís the yellow one, and it makes the Chasti-Lock 2000 deliver a medium strength series of disciplinary shocks. The red button shoots truly debilitating jolts to the most sensitive regions of the wearer, particularly the clitoris. These buttons are fully programmable and the longer theyíre held down the more intense the sensations become! Itís very intimidating!
      Whenever someone buys a Chasti-Lock 2000, we do a very careful examination and measuring process, including determining proper depth and thickness for the device, and a plaster mould is made of the entire vaginal area. One other thing we determine also, is each customerís electrical tolerance, and we then calibrate that particular Chasti-Lock 2000 accordingly. The only exception weíve made so far, is my own device. This Chasti-Lock has been programmed to give the maximum shock possible! Itís so strong in fact, that if left on, it will make me faint from reaction to the electrical pulses.
      If I am to stand behind my product, I need to be fully aware of its capabilities, and so this maximum is just at the point where flesh burns can result. It is extremely effective, I can assure you!! Fortunately, the nano-machines heal any damage very quickly, and so there are no worries about any permanent physical injury. Mentally, itís a different story!
      Also, the Chasti-Lock 2000 is waterproof, and once sealed into the wearerís body, shocks can be delivered even while underwater without any worries of electrocution hazards!
      But, why buy the Chasti-Lock 2000?
      Well, the device is an excellent protection against vaginal rape, pregnancy, infidelity, and masturbation. Plus, it can also be employed as a wonderfully intimate and effective punishment tool and restraint, as Vivian has described to you. If employed judiciously, it can keep a woman constantly aroused, without allowing her to satisfy her urges; and too, it can be used as a reward and thus not allow her drive to abate! Most of our customers find that they have much more ambition, after acclimatizing themselves to their Chasti-Lock 2000, even if it takes six months. They become more passionate and very, very attentive! A happy side benefit to their Husbands or Masters!
      So, how much would you pay for the Chasti-Lock 2000? $1000.00? $2000.00? How about only $666.00?
      That price includes all testing and fitting fees and consultations. Plus, you also receive the free punishment leash, and six monthís supply of aphrodisiac just to keep you on edge all the time! And, the Chasti-Lock 2000 comes with a Lifetime Warranty!
      But thereís more! If you order today, you get a pair of nipple, or full breast covers, absolutely free! These little marvels cover the entire nipple and aureole, or the whole breast, depending on your preference, and thus they protect the most excitable of those upper regions! They adhere using the same nano-technology; bonding themselves to the nipple or breast tissue within minutes of application. Now, how does that sound? You, Miss. You have a question?

How does the Chasti-Lock 2000 apply?
      Iím glad you asked that. Weíve prepared a demonstration, using Andrea, here. Andrea? Come here, please!
      Alright, now, as you can see, Andrea has already had a vaginal Chasti-Lock 2000 installed; but we thought it best to demonstrate something slightly different. You see, we at Chasti-Permalock pride ourselves in being able to create any custom order, for any unusual circumstance. Thatís why we will be demonstrating with Andreaís mouth! This also provides us with a larger, more visible example for you!
      Ooooohhhh! Ooooh, my G-g-god!
      Excellent! Now, Andrea, please put your hands behind your back and weíll fasten the cuffs around your wrists so that you wonít be able to interrupt the next phase, OK?
      Thanks, Andrea! Now, are you ready to go on?
      Y-y-yes. I-I-I think Iím ready.
      Very good! Open your mouth, please. A little wider? Excellent!
      First, we measure the orifice depth and maximum diameter, in order to create a cast for the device. The device that Janet is using here can measure various distances and conformations inside, beyond the initial opening, in order to create a fuller, more complete blockage of the body cavity concerned. First she checks width, then she measures depth.
      GGGggkkk! Kkkk!
      OK! Thereís where Andreaís gag reflex kicked in, and so we need to stop just before that point. Now, normally, it takes three weeks to create the Chasti-Lock 2000; based on the measurements; but weíve already done this with Andrea earlier and made the cast for her Oral Chastity. What weíd do next is a series of tests, including a pregnancy test, and weíd also complete a psychological assessment to ensure her readiness and ability to accept the consequences of being required to wear the Chasti-Lock 2000. Weíve also done this with Andrea, and so weíll proceed immediately.
      Before we do though, I should tell you again that we make a very detailed mould of the orifice to be sealed, as Janet has previously done for Andrea. In the case of the vaginal Chasti-Lock, we also make a separate cast of the clitoral region to ensure a completely tailored fit. In this case, the measuring device uses Ďleavesí which expand outwards, sort of like a speculum, once within the body. Janet now has inserted the oral Chasti-Lock into Andreaís mouth, and is ensuring that her tongue has slipped into its proper clamp. Ah! Excellent! How does that feel Andrea?
      I donít want to do this anymore! Please! Please!! Mmmmmpphh!! Nnnnghhh!
      Well, Andrea, itís a little too late to change your mind at this point! There we are! Now that the inner flanges have slipped over and inside the teeth, and the outer ones up onto her gums; the cheek and lip flaps inside are now sliding along, inside her mouth and under her tongue, and will soon seat themselves fully between her outer gums and flesh.
      Janet? Please press the front shield firmly against Andreaís face now, to ensure total and overall contact. There! Everything is fully inside, and outer shield is tight against her face. Now, Janet, when I give the word; press in on the centre of the lock. This is a one-time action, and results in tiny hooks being forced into the skin, anchoring the device securely while the nanites do their work. OK, Janet ... press the lock in, firmly.
      UUUrrrggghhh!! Aaaauuughh!! MMMmmnnpphhh!! Nnnnnhhhh!!
      Oh, hold still Andrea!!! It doesnít hurt that much!!
      Nnnnnnggghhh!! NNNnnnnnpphhh!

Now, the nano-machines are activated and have begun their work to restructure the edges and inner surfaces of the device so that it bonds directly to her facial skin, her tongue, and all the underlaying tissue and muscles, insinuating themselves quite deeply into them. The nanites actions are virtually painless because theyíre so small, although Andrea is feeling a slight tingling sensation right now, as you can tell from her wide-eyed expression and facial twitching.
      Notice this small, threaded valve? On a normal Chasti-Lock, this provides for evacuation of bodily fluids; but in this particular version, it has been adapted to ensure that she can still breathe, should Andrea develop a head cold. This Chasti-Lock can also be opened like the regular unit; thus allowing her to be fed, or to give her a drink; but it totally removes her ability to taste anything! Because the device prevents her from ever again closing her jaws, Andrea will have to be fed by means of a tube and small pump or a large veterinary syringe. These are readily available at most pet and farm supply stores.
      Also, another benefit is that her diet and food intake is now totally controllable! Ladies, youíll never need worry about dieting again, once you wear one of these! No more measuring for fat content or any of those bothersome details! And, Chasti-Permalock will supply a full set of nutrition guides with any purchase of the oral appliance. For you men who have one of these fitted to your woman ... Think of it! No more complaining about anything! You can ensure that she eats only the most healthful of foods, and so will remain in great shape!
      Like all Chasti-Locks, this, as a gag, has also been manufactured with shock capabilities, these focussed primarily on the wearerís captive tongue. Weíve designed this particular unit to respond to any sound she may attempt, and so when, not if, Andrea tries to speak, moan, or create some type of noise - however muffled - sheíll receive a series of quite painful shocks through the length and breadth of her tongue! The higher the volume she attempts, the more intense the shock will be! And so in this way, sheíll be automatically conditioned to total silence at all times.
      Similar to the vaginal Chasti-Lock, the oral version also has the capability of using a leash from its ring, and so with the use of a chain and two padlocks, Andrea will very soon be able to be secured, or even suspended in whatever manner her Husband desires! Some of the current wearerís of both devices have even had their vaginal and oral rings connected to a short steel bar, then been hung up, or put to bed while so connected! I guess that itís pretty strong discipline!
      Weíre also in the developmental stages of creating a Chasti-Lock 2000 which similarly responds to temperature and moisture, so that it can react to a womanís physical excitement in same manner!
      There you are, Andrea! Thank you for your help, Janet! By this time tomorrow Andrea, itíll be a permanent part of your face and head! Iím afraid though, that weíll have to keep your hands cuffed behind you until the melding process is completed. Iím sure you understand why. Welcome to your new world of silence! Now, how do you feel dear?
      Mmmm-nnnGHHHH! Eeeeiiiyyyyaaagghh!!! EEEEaaaggghhh!!!!
There, there dear! You will have to be silent, from now on, wonít you?
      Hmmm ... Eeaayyyyaaaa!!!!
Please take note that Andrea is now fully protected against rape, or any sexual sensations, thanks to her vaginal Chasti-Lock. Of course, she will also be capable of giving exceptional oral sex wearing this device, with total safety to you! Andreaís mouth chastity is lined in the same manner as her vaginal one so that a man can also enjoy pleasure when he uses her mouth for sexual gratification. Once the plug is unlocked and removed, she of course simply cannot stop ,or avoid any insertion, nor can she taste it, or use her tongue or teeth in any manner! To repeat, she is fully capable of normal sexual intercourse and able also to perform oral sex, provided of course that the locks are opened and her plugs are removed! The other very important benefit to her Husband is that she can be easily, and now silently, be disciplined by him, with no one being any the wiser!
      Doesnít she look great with her mouth packed full?
      Thatís what the Chasti-Lock 2000 does to her vagina, as well! Itís the neatest thing! For the first day or so she waddled a little like a duck while she was getting used to the sensation, and felt as though she was sitting in a saddle, as I can tell you from personal experience. But, after she got used to it - which really only took a couple days - she started to feel reasonably comfortable with her new equipment, didnít you dear?
      Mmm!!! ... - EEaagghhhmmmpphh!
There you go! Those shocks did kind of hurt, didnít they? At least from the sound of your reaction! But, silence from you is better, as youíll find out very quickly, even if your Husband is punishing you! Donít try to fight it, dear! Me, I'm actually kind of jealous.

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Chasti-Permalock is a fictional company,
and the products they offer are purely fantasy.
See commentaries on chastity fetish and
fantasy, if puzzled.

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