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The best information on Chasti-Permalock devices (particularily the signature design itself) can be found in transcripts of the infomercials which first appeared starting in March of 1998. These were transcribed for us by Chas and J.G. Leathers, with additional transcriptions by J.G. Leathers:

Personal Testimonials

Courtesy Chas:

  • Red Ambition: A famous star recounts how her Chasti-Permalock helped to fuel her career.
  • True Reform: A journalist goes undercover to discover why sex offenders have been disappearing from the local prison.
  • A Day at the Office: Jasmine arrives to work at Chasti-Permalock Corp. only to discover that a rearrangement of her schedule may lead to a permanent reassignment. Featuring the Diva Dolls?!?

Courtesy DX:

  • A Fantasy Best Left Alone: A top notch tale about a couple in which the wife discovers C-P and her fantasy drives her to purchase the device.
  • A Most Contagious Fantasy: A sequel to "A Fantasy Best Left Alone," when the woman from the previous tale shops for groceries, the checkout girl leans over and asks "what's it like...?"
  • The Substitute Wife: Vicky attends a demonstration and returns convinced that she wants to wear the equipment and serve Mal, with her best friend Brenda as his substitute wife.
  • Last Will and Testimony: An interesting tale about avenging adultery from the grave.
  • First Night Forever: When you're wealthy, you can afford all the latest husband-punishing and -transforming devices....
  • A Mislaid Trap: If it's got your name on it, it's okay to try it on, right? But don't worry, the guilty get theirs, too, at Chasti-Permalock.
  • Every Dog Has Her Day: A robbery plan goes to the dogs.
  • One Woman's Bliss: The Chasti-Jacket is put into use, and a Judge is sentenced to fifty years of frustrated bliss.
  • The Sex Object: Talia can't help but watch her Mistress' transformation into a sex object and be affected.
  • Kidnapped: Amanda's Chasti-Permalock devices will bond to her in one hour, unless she gets the key to deactivate them -- but doing so requires performing a little bit of corporate espionage.
  • The Alley: How not intervening in a crisis can be bad for your health.
  • Maruko's Conspiracy: A peek into the lives of two of the Chasti-Permalock board members, and the larger picture.
  • A New Prenuptual: How an iron-clad contract can be bad for your sex life.

Courtesy Retsujou:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: A Mistress has a Chasti-Permalock installed on her female slave, but the device doesn't quite work as planned. First from slave's point-of-view, then Mistress'.
  • LifeOnDisplay: Her exhibitionism was putting a strain on her marriage until her husband and Chasti-Permalock came up with a cure.

Courtesy Scott:

  • Special Order: Marie is given the gift of a stunning and versatile fetish outfit, custom designed by the folks at Chasti-Permalock -- and must learn to live with it.

Courtesy Pixel:

  • Chastilock Bodyform: Press release for a new line of Chasti-Permalock wear, as well as some demonstrations
    The Black Button: When traditional methods of control aren't quite enough, one woman consults with the Chasti-Permalock Corporation to devise a control regimen that will allow her some pleasure in her Chastilock Bodyform... but at a price.

Courtesy Mortice Deadlock:

  • Second Time Lucky: They had chosen the perfect symbol of dedication to each other: paired Chasti-Permalock devices which only allowed pleasure from the spouse. But when Tom died, would she ever be able to go on with her life again...? A Chasti-Permalock contest entry.

Courtesy GreyRose:

  • Chasti-Permalock Research and Development: "Greetings, here in Chasti-Permalock's R&D our work is based upon the three principles of the groundbreaking founders of our company. They are Security, Permanence, and far from least Ascetics. With these in mind we have created a variety of new products for the pleasure of our customers...." A Chasti-Permalock contest entry.

Courtesy Xaltatun of Acheron:

  • Statue: Jack brought the latest candidate for trophy wife, Sonia, to his home for dinner -- would the sight of an earlier partner, subjected to the devices of C-P's special-prder department change her mind...? A Chasti-Permalock contest entry.

Courtesy WrapUp:

  • Muffy-Vac Story: The tag reads, "Warning, dangerous suction, keep all hands and all other body parts away from inlet." But it was a warning that he so wanted to ignore.... A Chasti-Permalock contest entry.

Courtesy Couture:

  • Top Secret: Among its many other respected actions, Chasti-Permalock has also done its part to promote world peace.


Chasti-Permalock is a fictional company,
and the products they offer are purely fantasy.
See commentaries on chastity fetish and
fantasy, if puzzled.

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