The Hotel Part 5
By Deborah Ford


I was upset when I realised that Mister Deacon had brought along his sexy looking blond wife for dinner with me. I had been hoping for more fun at his hands. As you'll recall I shamed myself by having quite a bit of fun at his hands! But he had been very sweet about it and to be honest I was rather hoping he would milk me again.

As Mister Deacon ordered for us I was aware that she was as uncomfortable about the situation as I was. I felt, oddly, that I was closer to her husband than she was! I wondered if she knew about what he had done with me on the balcony. There again I thought of all the close ties that they had. I felt a bit jealous and, although I obediently kept my lips pursed and eyes wide, I narrowed both just a little when I faced her.

I also found myself pushing my boobs out as much as I could, though I noted that she did the same! And they were real! Suddenly I felt deep, angry envy. No matter how realistic the artificial ones were they would never be real like hers. I felt certain that Mister Deacon would love playing with his wife's nipples and that she was blessed with having feeling in them. Still I was not going to let her win 'the showing off the tits show'! I kept my back straight and shoulders back.

"Well are you sure you haven't gone gay!" Mrs. Deacon spat at her husband.

Up until then the conversation had been somewhat stilted between them and mainly ranged over the Hotel and its facilities. Of course I made no comments unless Mr Deacon asked me to agree with him when I would reply "yes Mister Deacon" and his wife
would sigh her displeasure at me.

"It won't just be maids having their bottoms spanked around here if you are not careful!" Mister Deacon said coldly to Mrs. Deacon.

She fidgeted and blushed at the threat. I was pleased to see a man taking a firm hand of his woman. She saw that my pursed lips now threatened a smile and she looked away. I felt quite pleased with myself in a catty sort of way. I was rather hoping that he might indeed spank her. Teach her a good lesson.

"Well," she tried again, more softly, "what am I supposed to think when you ask if we can have her for our home!"

Uh? My mind stopped working. Frozen amongst the gentle clatter of the restaurant with its polite chat and classical music billowing around the warm room.

Mister Deacon filled our glasses with wine and continued, "don't be daft! Look at her. It is a heterosexual man's dream come true. A blond, obedient, bimbo who will do anything!"

"Anything?" she arched her eyebrow at me as if I was a slut. I wished Mister Deacon would spank her bottom for that insolence. It would be nice to be defended by him.

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"Of course. That's the idea. Male maids can only get released
from their chastity belts if they are good. And believe me they
are very good, they have to be. They have no choice."

Mrs Deacon sipped her wine and regarded me with a smirk,


"So the ironing, the cleaning, cleaning the toilets!" She
guffawed incredulously.

"Exactly. They are perfect for domestic chores. Anything that
requires little thought initiative. It is the only things they
can do. Once they have been here a few weeks they become so
institutionalised that they cannot exist without someone else in
firm control. Someone to tell them what to do and when to do it.
Without an adult they are completely lost. It would be a sin not
to dominate them."

Mrs Deacon giggled. "And you get your dick sucked and get to
fuck her when ever you want?" She said knowingly.

"Only when you are not in the mood darling," he said taking hold
of her hand.

Again I caught my breath. I do feel that at times it would be
useful if we maids were allowed to speak freely. Although are
supposed to be allowed to speak on dates I hardly dared say
anything for fear of punishment. It was always better to remain
tight lipped, or pouty lipped.

My attention was drawn to Mrs Deacon noting how demeanor altered
as he held her fingers. She softened. Her face flushed a little
and she smiled prettily. How could she fall for that I wondered.
He takes her hand and she is like putty!

"And me?" She asked sweetly, "do I get sexual pleasure from

Mister Deacon licked his lips, a rather ugly mannerism I
thought. "Of course. Especially if I can watch!"

Mrs Deacon laughed. "Oh you get all your fantasies don't you!
Lesbian sex! She turned to me and put her hand on mine, which I
felt was a nice gesture. "Only if we let him watch eh?" She
laughed emphasising the words 'if we let'.

I liked her holding my hand it made me feel so warm, and I
giggled back, nodding eagerly. It would be amusingly naughty for
two blonds to control a man.

"She has no say in it," Mister Deacon announced.

Humph! He could be a real party pooper sometimes.

His wife's face lit up. "That's true, because she only does as
she is told!" Then she laughed and let her head nod to the side,
her hair falling onto her shoulder. I felt very aroused in my
chastity device.

Our meals arrived and I watched him winning her over to his
argument. Something a man with his charm and confidence could
easily do. I was waiting for him to ask me what I thought of
being the little sex toy and domestic slave! I would tell him!
I would not say anything silly and get into trouble, obviously,
but I would roll my eyes to the ceiling and pout. That would
show him!

But they did not ask me my view about much at all. Mrs. Deacon
wanted to know if it was really impossible for me to cum without
being released by an adult. Then she admired my dress, which was
very sweet of her and I asked her where she got her sexy black
cocktail number from.

Mister Deacon was not happy with such girly talk, "you'll have
plenty of time for such inane conversation while I am at work."

I was beginning to tire of Mister Deacon's sexist remarks. In
fact I was rather warming to his wife who I felt sure would
release me and let me play with myself when ever I wanted.
Mister Deacon did not understand the effort we girls put into
looking this good. I was desperate to tell Mrs Deacon about the
Wardrobe Room. I knew she would love that! But obviously we were
not allowed to talk about such 'inane' matters before a man! Who
did men think they were anyway!

I felt my prick grow firmer within its unyielding restraint. The
wearing of this sexy apparel before a real man with a firm hand
and his sexy wife was getting to me. I felt my head clouding
over again. Oh no! The last thing I wanted was a repeat
performance of the last occasion when I lost control of myself.
Especially with his nice wife watching.

"So it is settled?"

"You said that there is a trial period first?" His wife asked
eating her meal.

I tucked into my salad and brown bread as I listened to Mister
Deacon reply, "and for Debbie here too. If she does not like it
then we have to return her to The Hotel and try another maid."

"I like our maid!" Pouted Mrs Deacon.


I stopped chewing in shock and grinned. I kept my head bowed so
no one could see me smiling, but I was so proud of myself.

Mrs Deacon twisted some pasta thoughtfully around a fork in
front of her red lips. "But that means we have to be nice to her
and stuff. Suppose I have to tell her off?"

Mister Deacon shook his head as if trying to explain things to
a small child. "No, no, no. She gets punished where ever she is.
Whether in the Hotel or in our home. Makes no difference to her.
I just think she would like some time off. Some time to
herself," he looked into my eyes as he spoke and rested his hand
on mine. My stomach turned to jelly, my knees went weak and I
oozed precum into my knickers. "She might like to choose her own
clothes. She could be allowed to buy something whenever she had
been extra special good. Perhaps we would let her stay up late,
give her chocolates ..."

Chocolates I thought!

" be treated firmly but fairly."

I smiled wanting to reach out and hug him. That was it exactly!
I felt my other hand taken by Mrs Deacon and turned to see her
looking deeply into my eyes. "It would be like having a maid, a
sex toy and a sister all at the same time."

My head swam with ecstasy. I was desperate to cum. I would do
anything for either of them!

"Shall we find out upstairs?" He asked her with relish.

She gasped. "Fuck this dinner lets go up now!"

"Yes, yes, yes," I breathlessly said.

For a moment they paused and looked at me in silence. I had not
spoken much during the meal so my outburst was quite a shock to
them. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. I found
myself giggling and then suddenly I was swept to my high heeled
feet and hauled by the both of them towards the lift.

I was squashed between Mister Deacon and his wife, their arms
tightly around me, as the lift doors opened.

Getting out was Linda, my wife, with Paulo, also hugging each
other. At first Linda smiled at the jovial threesome she saw
before her but when she noted my name tag her jaw dropped. She
looked me and Mrs. Deacon up and down as if we were medical
exhibits. She then looked at Mister Deacon before glaring back
at me.

But I could not resist it. She had her fun with her stupid lover
and I was going to have mine with my two lovers! I poked my
tongue out at her and watched as her cheeks flushed the two
circles of anger I had witnessed before she had made Paulo spank

But I didn't care. Mister Deacon would protect me. We got into
the lift and sped up to their floor.

With my arms trapped behind their backs I felt deliciously
helpless. I rubbed up against both of them like a cat in heat.
I could not wait. They would surely release me on this occasion.
I did not realise that I could dribble so much precum! My
knickers were soaked between my legs.

Wet knickers was something else I felt certain I had in common
with Mrs. Deacon.

Once in their room he removed his jacket revealing his muscular
frame. She dropped her dress from her own more delicate
shoulders and stepped out of it. What a figure she had. I was so
envious! She did not need a waist clincher to draw in her tummy
and flush out her hips. She was not in need of glued on falsies.
All she wore about her waist was a suspender belt. She had a
lacy bra and panties and those stockings with the ornate lacy
top. So much sexy flesh around the areas of lacy black. We had
the same taste in lingerie!

I looked at Mister Deacon, "shall I remove my dress Mister
Deacon?" I asked eagerly.

"No, no slut. Open a bottle of wine from the fridge and bring
three glasses.

"Yes sir!" I announced with a playful curtsey which he really
liked. You should have seen the long bulge in his trousers! But
I was desperate to impress the both of them.

When I returned they were lying on the bed, he in just his
boxers, she in sexy garb, making out.

They were miles away.

I put the glasses down and poured the wine. But what should I
do? Was I allowed to join them on the bed? If I was a real free
girl I could. But an obedient maid? I stood at the bedside
rubbing my stockinged legs together.

I coughed to attract their attention, but they were too far gone
to hear anything. This was so unfair. I stamped my foot and
coughed louder but now he was taking off her bra. I wanted to do
that. I wanted to worship her wonderful breasts.

As he threw her bra onto the floor he saw me as if for the first
time. I smiled as nicely as I could, knowing full well that I
was simpering. I could not do anything else. I was desperate to
please them.

"I suppose you would like to join us slut?"

"Yes sir. Please sir," I wriggled, my body helplessly in the
grip of raw lust.

They both laughed. He turned to his wife and said to her, "give
it a try then. Take charge of the slut!"

Mrs. Deacon giggled and sat up her lovely boobs bouncing. I so
wanted a pair like that! I stood to writhing attention before
her, beaming like a school girl opening her birthday presents.

"Right then slut," she laughed, "erm," she turned to her husband
for guidance, "can I ask her to remove her dress?"

"No," he replied drily.

We were both disappointed. She looked at me and shrugged her
shoulders with a helplessly apology. I felt like I was going to
cry with frustrated rage.

"No," he repeated with a cheeky grin filling his face, "but you
can command her to!"

Oh. I gasped feeling my head swirling again. She threw both her
hands to her face laughing like mad. "No one would ever obey

'Try me, try me, try me', I thought

She sat up against the bed head looking mischievously at me. "Ok
slut, get your dress off!"

"Yes Mistress," I giggled obeying her immediately. I wanted her
to know that I would follow through with her every instruction.

I let the gorgeous white dress fall to the floor but could not
bare to leave it there. I picked it up and folded it neatly over
a chair.

"Get between us slut," she barked before giggling like a young

I crawled between them feeling their warmth and energy - and
inadvertently feeling something else of Mister Deacon's!

She ran her hand over my cincher. "Does this come off?"

Mister Deacon kissed her over the top of me, leaving me panting,
"no, only the staff can remove it. It's locked at the rear. The
locks were designed in Switzerland. No one can pick them or
break them."

She nodded and moved down between my legs laughing loudly at
what she discovered. She pulled at my metal and rubber chastity
belt. "I should have one of these for my dog of a husband.
Especially when he is working away from home with these sexy
sluts about him!"

"Maybe I should get you a chastity belt," Mister Deacon said
seriously, "especially when I leave you two tramps alone

"Oh, look," she squealed, "here's the lock. It is so tiny!" Then
she looked up at me with a wicked smile. "The lock I mean!"

I smiled at her cheek. She was certainly getting into the role
of mistress of the house.

"No you don't ," laughed Mister Deacon and we all laughed at

"True," she mused. "Yours could certainly not fit into this tiny
cylinder." She said to her husband.

I felt her soft long fingers playing between my legs and I
arched my back and moaned. Before I became a maid I had never
felt as turned on as this. Someone just had to touch me and I
would go wild. My penis inflated and the horrible cylinder of
metal did its evil uncompromising work by squeezing it. I felt
tears in my eyes I turned to Mister Deacon and whispered,
"please sir let me cum."

He stroked my hair back from eyes, "come on now Debbie you know
what you must do to be allowed that little reward."

I nodded and yelled, "I will do it. I will do anything. I
promise. Just let me cum right now. Please."

Mrs. Deacon sat up, "what is a matter with the poor dear. Surely
you are going to release her. She is in agony."

"Rules of the house. It's up to her. She has to pass something
called The Point first. She knows the rules."

"Well go and do it babe," Mrs Deacon said.

"She has to arrange it first," Mister Deacon pointed out. "And
it is quite an event for the maids here. Leave it with her to
sort out."

"What does it entail?" She asked.

I wanted to pull the sheet up over my head rather than see her
hear of the ordeal I was supposed to face.

"All the maids come here with a woman. It is the price of
admittance. One man, one woman. The man becomes a maid while the
woman meets and marries a new macho man."

I writhed between them, "please, please."


Mister Deacon drew breath to explain the hard part: "well the
maid has to offer herself to the woman's new man before he can
ever be allowed to cum."

Mrs Deacon smiled at me warmly, "go on then dear. You're just as
big a slut as I am! Go on offer yourself to him!"

"Trouble is," Mister Deacon explained, "the woman he arrived
with was his wife."

I arched my back inviting her to use her hand again but I found
that she was stroking my face and my aching sex was left gasping
for attention.

"Oh you poor dear."

At least she felt sorry for me. She stroked down my body to my
corset and then stopped.

"How much would real boobies cost?" She asked her husband.

"Well the Hotel offers package prices if ..."

I cut him short I thrust myself up at Mrs Deacon kissing her
open mouthed, not daring to use my tongue.

I heard Mr Deacon laughing and whisper to his wife "watch this."

I felt his hand push down my knickers and his fingers probe my
welcoming arsehole. I knew what to do. I pushed back until I
jolted and spasmed, cumming between my legs.

Once again I felt only vaguely satisfied. I had been milked but
denied the pleasure that can only come with ejaculation from an
erect member.

I reached over to Mrs Deacon for a cuddle but she threw herself
over me onto her husband.


I got back to my maid's room late and exhausted to find Samantha
and Trisha with fixed smiles sitting side by side on the bed in
their underwear preparing themselves for bed. I had the
impression that the smiles were forced and that they were not at
all happy. I wondered if they had both been beaten.

Cherie was dressed in a neat short skirted suit with high heel
shoes that were not locked to her ankles! I was shocked. Miss
Jaguar would be checking on us soon and if she found Cherie like
that there would be World War Three!

As I closed the door Cherie thrust her hand in my face and it
took a moment for my eyes to register the ring on her finger. A
simple thin band of shining steel.

"Look, look Debbie. I am free of this place. Isn't it
wonderful!" She was nearly hysterical.

I was dumbfounded. Free. But how?

Trisha spoke softly with her fixed smile, "her boyfriend is
taking her out of here for a month's trial." She emphasised the
word 'month's trial' with her teeth clenched together. But
nothing could effect Cherie's joy.

Cherie waved her hands girlishly. "He says that he will buy me
a new outfit every week!"

"If you're good," cut in Samantha waspishly attaching her night
time collar to her throat.

"Oh I will be."

"So long as he does not rename you dog again," Trisha spitefully
pointed out.

I had the impression that Trisha and Samantha were dead jealous
of Cherie's good fortune.

I must say that I felt a bit pissed off too. I mean why she and
not I! I thought then of Mister and Mrs. Deacon upstairs and
felt compelled to point out: "yes and I hope to be free soon
too. A couple rather likes me actually." I swanned into the
bathroom having made my point.

"Well, you throw yourself at everyone, don't you darling?"
Trisha said with her fixed grin now set in concrete.

I narrowed my eyes at her and she looked away. Bitch I thought.

I prepared for bed wondering what it would be like to sleep
alone for the first time since I had arrived here. How long ago
was that. One day? Three days? More. I tried to work it out, but
Miss Harrington's maths had put me out of kilter with numbers.
Nothing made sense any more. I would have to ask an adult to
help me work it out. But there again, I mused, what did it

I returned to find that Trisha and Samantha had locked
themselves together at neck and groin and were wriggling with
the hum of the vibrator in their bums. Cherie had a dreadful
superior look on her face which made me even more mad with her.

Just then the door opened and Miss Leopard came in dragging a
very mannish looking male maid with her. The maid was flushed
pink and scared to death. Miss Leopard shook him sadistically by
his ear and told him to take his maid's dress off. He nervously
set about getting it off. Hopelessly struggling with the apron
bows at his back.

"You ready yet slut?" Miss Leopard asked Cherie.

Cherie waved her hands about to show off her suit. I had to
admit it did look sexy and smart. The Bitch I thought again. I
wondered if there was another one like it in the Wardrobe Room.
I might wear it on a date.

"Right, get upstairs to the lobby where the fool is waiting for

I thought Cherie was going to wet herself with excitement. She
said her goodbyes to us, kissing us each on the cheek. We tried
our best at wishing her the best of luck and then she was gone.
Suddenly I was sad.

The new maid was now comically attempting to unzip the back of
the dress. Miss Leopard unsurprisingly lost patience and dragged
the zip down, hauling the dress from his shoulders. I thought he
was going to burst into tears again. He stood humiliated before
us dressed in his corset, stockings, panties and heels.

I picked up the chains from the table top as Miss Leopard put
the collar around the new maids neck. Miss Leopard then took the
name tag from the discarded dress and pinned it above her left
boob. It read 'Sally'.

"You always wear a name tag stupid bitch! How can the adults
recognise you if you don't?"

"Yes Miss Leopard," he squealed, eyes closed fearing that he was
about to be struck again.

Miss Leopard then steered the frightened male maid so that he
was standing toe to toe with me. I attached the chain between
our chastity belts first, that is the easiest way to perform the
night's ritual. I then attached the short length of chain
between our necks and saw Sally's eyes widen with horror as she
was drawn into kissing range of me. She immediately pulled back
her head, hurting me.

Miss Leopard swatted her arse. "This is Sally, girls. She is a
particularly stupid maid so she will be at home with you three."

We forced a giggle at her demeaning joke.

"Make her feel welcome and make sure she is ready for school
tomorrow morning!" Miss Leopard then came right up to my face
and felt my knickers. "I thought I couldn't hear anything
Debbie. Always leave the best bit until last do you? Clever
girl." She got my black vibrator from a drawer and handed it to
me. "Why not show Sally what will be expected of her at her
first day in school."

I took the vibrator and tried to curtsey as best I could with
the frightened Sally anchored to me, though she would have done
anything not to be so close to me at that moment.

I sucked the vibrator into my mouth making the usual 'oh yes, oh
yes' noises and moaning. Actually for some reason I quite
enjoyed the feeling now. It was nice to have something so firm
and hard in your mouth, to be able to suck it and lick it. I
felt the clink of chains as the mortified Sally made another
futile effort to escape.

"Now I will help you with the rest," Miss Leopard said
maliciously. "Sally will enjoy seeing you perform the last

"Thank you Miss Leopard," I said as I handed her the dildo and
buckled my knees to spread my little hole for her.

My knickers were pulled back and I felt the wet object slide
into me. I performed the usual gasping noises, though I must
say, not without pleasure. I tried to use Miss Leopard's grip on
it to help push it against my g-spot and attain another milking.
But Miss Leopard kept total control by easing it gently in and

"Miss Jaguar would like to do this to you wouldn't she," Miss
Leopard laughed.

I moaned like a whore before the entire length was inserted and
my knickers pulled into position.

Sally was now as far away from me as the chains would permit,
that is to say about four centimetres. Silly girl I thought.

"Good night girls," Miss Leopard laughed and then left us.

Once the door closed I said, "just do as I do and we'll get to
the bed."

Sally shook his head, his pink lipstick lips parting in horror.

"Are you allowed to speak?" he whispered to me in shock.

"In some places. Don't worry you'll soon find out where you can
speak and where you can't" I motioned him towards the bed again.

"I am not getting into bed with a ... a ... a ...." he searched
for the right words, "a gay person."

I heard the other two giggle as they climbed into bed. "Looks
like you'll be sleeping standing up Debbie," said Samantha.

"Make a change from being on your back in bed," teased Trisha.

I tried to calm him but he was trembling like a leaf. "I am not
gay. Don't worry." I saw that he was not convinced. "And even if
I were I would not be able to do much would I?" I smiled as
warmly as I could given the fact that I was tired, drained,
pissed off at Cherie getting out and now being lumbered with
this apology for a maid.

"I can't sleep with a...," he paused, "I mean you are a fella
aren't you?"

Trisha thought this hysterical. I must admit that I giggled.

He seemed to be even more put out by our laughing. "You see this
is just a big mistake," he explained breathlessly.

"Tell me about it in bed," I said trying once again to manoeuver
the dildo with my bottom muscles. I could do it so far but not
hold it for long enough to get it to milk me.

Eventually we got into bed and I pulled the duvet over us. As
the lights went out Sally leaned in close to me and I used the
opportunity to rub my groin against his in another attempt to
try and come.

"You see," Sally began, "it's my wife that I am worried about."

"Oh yes," I mumbled rubbing my stockinged legs together. This
was sheer torture. I was so excited and could not come. Yet
somehow Mister Deacon had put his hand inside me and milked me.
I wriggled the dildo around but it was useless.

"She brought us here for a couple of days. I must admit that I
quite like the idea of playing at being a maid. But then she was
taken away by this great big man, he must have been about six
foot four. Really muscular. And since then I have not been
allowed to speak. I tried to explain to them their mistake. They
think I am a real maid like you girls. But I only want to play
some games and then go home."

I patted his bottom affectionately. "Don't worry your little
head about it right now. You can explain it all tomorrow".

"Do you think they will tell my wife where I am. She will be
awfully worried. I wonder what she's doing right now?"

I was now drifting away into my usual frustrated sleep. An image
appeared of my wife naked in Paulo's arms and I felt like
crying. I was in a situation that I had created but in which I
was powerless. Even my wife could make choices for herself. I
was totally dependent upon others.

I dreamed of being a good obedient maid. But everybody laughed
at me. The better my behaviour the more I was spanked and
abused. In the end I was left crying and helpless in the middle
of the Hotel lobby.

Then the short, dark haired and dark eyed Mistress, Mistress
Shania appeared. She led me away to a wedding suite. She was so
cool and in control. Her domination was so effortless, not like
the silly Mistress Cats. Beside the bed were the flowers she had
bought me. I felt so grateful to her that I lay on my back and
offered her my body.

She leaned down as if to kiss me, but simply whispered, "after
The Point darling, after The Point."

I groaned and woke up sweating but I knew what I had to do.


Sally got dressed in the school girl outfit of white blouse and
pleated skirt but did not stop jabbering about the error they
had made.

I always loved the feeling when I unlocked my heels for the
brief moment it to took to shower and change.

I puled on my white socks over my smooth legs and locked the
school shoes on to my feet.

Sally confided in me, "as soon as someone comes here I will tell
them that they have messed with the wrong man here. I will sue
them for millions."

"Yes Sally," I said buttoning up my blouse and carefully
positioning my name tag.

"I mean it!" he declared. "You'll see. And my name isn't Sally
it's ..."

The door thumped open before Sally could give me the useless
information of what her former name was. Miss Leopard entered
the room. Tall, elegant, black and I thought rather sexy in her
one piece leather catsuit.

My penis filled its confines and I desperately rubbed at the
front of my skirt. Tonight I was going to be able to cum! I had
decided to face up to the Point. The other girls had passed it
and so would I.

"Right!" Sally announced jumping to her bare feet her little
skirt flapping about her tight white knickers.

She would soon learn that you couldn't make any sudden movements
in such a short flared skirt without revealing your all.

Miss Jaguar grinned that wicked smile of hers and I felt my
stomach turn over. I hoped she would realise that it was nothing
to do with me.

"Why Sally, no socks, no shoes. You will be late for school!"
Miss Jaguar's eyes were dark holes of unforgiving domination.

I saw Sally whither before her like a frightened mouse. If I did
not have to stand with palms facing outwards, elbows in and lips
pursed I would have giggled at Sally's predicament. After all it
was of her own making. I was dressed like a good girl.

Sally immediately struggled with her socks. I know how hard it
is to do anything when you have an adult before you ready to
beat you.

"Please Miss Jaguar I just wanted to ..."

Miss Jaguar cupped her hand beneath the silly maid's chin and I
heard Trisha suck in her breath in fear. "You stupid slut. Have
I given you permission to speak?"

"No Miss Jaguar," Sally's voice wavered.

"When you have finished getting dressed stand facing the bed,
bent over with your hands on it. Knickers around your ankles."

"Yes Miss Jaguar," Sally tried to nod in Miss Jaguars' iron

I smirked. It was satisfying seeing a maid as stupid as Sally
getting punished. Who did she think she was! Trying to pretend
that she is not like the rest of us!

Miss Jaguar released Sally by pushing her head back on the bed
before turning to face me. I felt my skin turn cold and my
bowels wanted to empty. I hated that way her black eyes drilled
right through me. "And Debbie, dear, weren't you supposed to
help Sally get dressed ready for school?"

I swallowed hard and dipped a curtsey, "Yes Miss Jaguar."

Miss Jaguar looked up to the ceiling and pursed her lips like we
maids have to do, but she was doing it in thought. "Well then it
is only fair that you join the errant little Miss in her
punishment isn't it?"

Oh Jesus! That wasn't fair! That silly Sally had messed up
everything for me! "Yes Miss Jaguar," I said hoarsely.

"I will be back before you are released for breakfast girls."

"Yes Miss Jaguar," we all curtsied.

As soon as she left I glared at Sally. She could not even meet
my eyes!

So for a full ten minutes I was bent over the bed, white panties
around my ankles, skirt raised, hands on the bed next to the
stupidest new recruit they had probably ever found.

Every time Sally tried to apologise I told her to keep her mouth
shut and rest it before she had to use it in class. Of course I
was referring to he dildo business but she did not understand
what I meant.

Miss Jaguar returned and asked us whether we had each learned
the error of our ways. We both genuinely and eagerly replied
"yes Miss Jaguar."

"Good," she said and I could see in my mind her horrible
superior smirk. "Then I will be lenient. After all you are only
two silly cotton wool headed school girls aren't you?"

"Yes Miss Leopard," we both readily agreed.

"Just six each then," she announced.

I hid my groan with a "thank you Miss Jaguar" and then heard the
silly maid next to me echo the same remark.

She beat me first using all her might to make me gasp and cry
out. I knew what she about. The idea was to make Sally even more
scared. Her plan worked because while I was crying from the pain
she was already crying from fear.

I must say I felt pleased with every stroke the stupid tart got.
Maids should know their place!

Now I was facing yet another day with a burning bum and would
have spend more time on my make up.


School was even more an ordeal for stupid Sally. She had the
backs of her thighs marked by Miss Harrington wielding the cane
for talking in class! I mean I ask you. How can anyone think
that they are allowed to talk anywhere where an adult is

And you should have seen the look on her face when Sharon and I
demonstrated how to use the dildo. She and the three other new
maids looked on horror struck as we sucked with hot lascivious
pleasure at our toys. I must say that it was a task that I had
grown quite found of. There is something quite satisfying and
erotic about sucking and licking a dildo. Why had I not known
this before?

On teacher's instruction I raised my short skirt and inserted
the dildo into my anus. A simple quick bend of the knees helps
this action, but you must of course pose your legs as soon as
possible after entry. I wanted to giggle "ta-da" as if I had
performed a clever circus trick but knew that I needed to adopt
the usual position before the new girls.

Miss Harrington encouraged all the girls to applaud our

Sharon and I had to stand stock still while the silly new girls
wrestled with their task of performing with the dildo. I tried
as delicately as I could to wriggle the dildo around to touch
the arousal spot that Mister Deacon had found so easily. But
remaining still meant that my movements were far too limited to
achieve anything satisfactory.

While the new girls wrote their essay saying why they wanted to
stay for a month we and the older girls were taken to the back
of the class and sat cross-legged on the floor before our

"Now," Miss Harrington rubbed her hands and smiled widely. I
liked her when she was smiling and nice, I did not feel quite so
frightened. "You have nearly all passed the point and for that
I am proud of you." She looked at me and winked. "Of course
there are some little madams who are going to be a bit later in
reaching it then you others."

The girls giggled and I blushed. I vowed that I would make a
determined effort to pass The Point.

"Once you have passed the point you are aware that you will be
allowed to cum," an electric charge went through the girls
around me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was now only
hours away from it! "Of course for that to happen you must
attract an adult and I know that you are all very good at
behaving like sluts!"

She eyed us with good a natured reproach and we girls giggled
again. It was nice being a maid at The Hotel.

"Once you have ensnared an adult," again we dutifully giggled
like children, "you must of course pleasure them. If they are
happy they will make you happy."

I felt my sex growing in it's confinement.

"Now men are by and large pretty easy to satisfy. They know what
they want and will soon let you know what they demand of you.
Satisfying the ladies can be a bit more difficult. So please
listen carefully to what I have to say."

I thought of lying in bed with my wife Linda, I mean Miss
Johnson, the adult with whom I had arrived. I was about to learn
how to really satisfy her. I had an image of her releasing my
member and we cuddling and then screwing as we had used to
before our arrival here. Me deep inside her and she holding me
tightly. Oh my sex was now so hot in its confines. Pre cum
inevitably dribbled into my knickers making me feel damp and
uncomfortable between the legs.

"Now she may ask you to put on a strap on and pretend that
you're one of those awful, smelly men.."

A strap on. Why would I need one of those when all Linda had to
do was release me?

"... but usually being made love to in this manner by a girl is
not very satisfying. Far better to leave such things to the
hunks who know what they are doing. They also do not need to
strap anything on," she laughed at her little joke.

We remained silent. Sharon bravely gave me a look of concern. I
broadened my eyes a little to show I was worried to.

"So you need to know how to use your delicate little fingers."
She pulled down a chart that looked like a geographical map.
"Finger nails must be smooth at all times. They must be clean,
spotless even. As she lies on her back, a position familiar to
you all!" she joked, "rub your index finger gently over this
area. If she is dry you will need a spot of lube. Tickle gently
by here until you feel her getting wet. Then add a second
finger. You do not need more than two.""

She held up her fingers and we counted them. I was not sure
whether there were three or four fingers up. She raised her
index and middle finger. So one and one makes ... was it three?

Oblivious to our lack of understanding Miss Harrington motored
on. You work slowly. The slower you move it, the more likely you
will stroke her nerve endings. Now drop your lips to the top of
her vagina," she tapped the board, "and eat softly, gently. Keep
the fingers in position but do not move them. A minute later
stop kissing and licking then start fingering. Never, ever, ever
do the two at the same time! It spoils both pleasures."

'Right,' I thought. I must not lick and finger a female adult at
the same time. I could not wait to try out this technique. No
one had ever told me how to satisfy a woman.

"If she is in a state of arousal, but not before, spread the
fingers into a vee shape. When licking, lick at the two o'clock
position as you are facing her. If you discover a ridge then
touch it gently."

We nodded paying more attention than we had ever done to one of
her lessons.

"Finally for now. Butt plugs. Ladies like these, sometimes as
much as you sluts.."

We giggled.

"... but please make sure they are silicon. Although she may
feel she wants a small one, actually the larger ones may be more
comfortable for her. Experiment with your mistresses."

I could barely wait to 'experiment' with Linda, I mean my wife,
er Miss Johnson. I must be careful never to refer to as anything
other than Miss Johnson. It would be wonderful to see her
moaning beneath me again.

"It may be that you can also please your masters using these
procedures. Once a female adult is aroused she may well beg her
man for a screw."

My mind dimmed over. Her man? Not me? An image of Paulo came to
mind and I pouted. That was not fair!

"Should your master asks you to prepare the love of his life you
are now armed with all the skills needed."

"Yes Miss Harrington," we said unenthusiastically.

She smiled warmly to us. "And a happy pair of adults is twice as
likely to release you for your pleasures!"

"Yes Miss Harrington," we squealed. I had not thought of that!

After coffee we had a fun time learning when to say "oh-oh" and

Whenever you speak, you must use hands and loads of facial
expressions, however when you really want to make a point or
interrupt, you must say 'oh-oh' as breathlessly as you can. You
should only use 'ooh' for those times when you are surprised. For
example if you don't hear an adult entering a bedroom when you
are tidying it up and he pinches your bottom the correct
procedure is: first throw back shoulders and stand up straight,
then widen eyes and bring up your palms to shoulder height,
finally squeal 'ooh'. Apparently many of the adults find this
quite an amusing 'turn on' and some maids have been released and
allowed to cum on the basis of merely reacting to a pinch in the
proscribed manner."

Of course such actions have to be practised until they become a
single involuntary movement." I was determined to do exactly
that when I go back to my room.

When class was dismissed I remained at my desk looking nervously
at Miss Harrington. She smiled knowingly at me and closed the
door leaving just the two of us.

"I really thought you would be the first to pass The Point," she
said drawing up her chair closer to my desk.

I crossed my smooth legs in their tight white socks and looked
submissively at her.

"You are ready to write your letter to the man who is looking
after the adult who arrived here with you?"

I nodded nervously.

"Be brave little Debbie. I am sure he will be very understanding
about it all and help you through your trial."

I looked up at her with tears in my eyes.

"Oh, you have not upset him have you?"

I clenched my hands on the desk not daring to look at my
teacher. How had I been so stupid! Why had I not been nice to

"Oh. Perhaps we should contact the lady you arrived with then.
She might be more understanding."

I started to sob and shook my head.

She cuddled me. "Oh silly girl you have not really upset both of
them have you?"

I nodded in her arms and cried like a baby.

"Silly tart," she muttered, "you must always be well behaved
with the adults. They hold the key to your happiness."

I sat up straight as she mopped my tears with a handkerchief. I
was hopping that she would make everything all right for me.

"Indeed they all hold the key!"

I blew in to the soft material.

"You will write your letter to him and be as apologetic as
possible. I will help you by adding that you are the stupidest
girl I have ever taught."

"Would you Miss Harrington?" I beamed. I knew she would help me.

"I will," she said sweetly, "anything to help one of my girls.
I'll mention that he should ask you what goes on in your head.
Do you remember?"

I thought hard and recalled the chart Miss Harrington had shown
us in one of our first lessons. "Chocolate, clothes and," I
blushed hot pink but Miss Harrington waited patiently for the
answer, "a man's thingie." I shamefully replied.

"Good. I think this is going to be all right."

I took a sheet of letter paper that was covered in pictures of
pinks ribbons and began my reply.

'Dear Paulo,

I must humbly ask that you forgive my silliness'

"Stupid slut!" Miss Harrington screamed in my ear.

I leaped up my hands at shoulder height, eyes wide, "oooh!"

"Good girl for performing the 'ooh' so well. Bad girl, bad, bad
girl for using an adult's Christian name."

I looked down at the paper horrified, my hands over my mouth.

Miss Harrington kindly gave me six swats with her hair brush
over my knickers. It was so nice of her not to send me to one of
the horrible sadistic Miss Jaguar, Tiger and Leopard. I
enthusiastically thanked her for my spanking.

I was so silly! How could I have forgotten? I sat my burning bum
down on the hard wooden seat and with great pride I began on a
fresh piece of paper:

'Dear Sir, (note the capital 'S' readers. I am not always an

Please dear, kind Sir, (mentioning the word 'kind' might
encourage him to be exactly that!), I must thank you richly for
your patience and forbearance with my silly ways. I would like
you to know how much I have learned to behave. This is in no
small way due to your firm approach in handling my tantrums, (I
thought I should make sure I praised him, men like that sort of

I am hoping to pass through The Point tonight and can think of
no better teacher than yourself to help me on my way, (a touch
of flattery for his male ego!). I would view it as an honour if
you would give up some of your precious time to take me through

I am Sir, you obedient servant,


Miss Harrington was really pleased with my efforts. She though
it was one of the best letters that she had read. "Now I shall
add my observations."

"Thank you Miss Harrington." She was so good to me.

She turned the paper around and settled on her knees next to my
desk. She wrote:

'Debbie has been a naughty and errant madam in her time at The
Hotel but I can now say, without fear of contradiction, she has
become an obedient, industrious, little maid. I would put her
previous tribulations down to her innate stupidity which she has
worked hard, and continues to work hard, to over come. She will
always be a ditzy, airhead, blond but then, as I am sure you are
aware, they can have their uses too. Please find a use for her

Yours truly

Miss Harrington.
Debbie's teacher.'

"Now have some lunch and then take this up to their room. I will
make certain that they are there to receive you and your

Hand it to them personally! My wife's lover! My stomach turned
over with curdling shame.

"If he agrees and I suspect he will, then report to Miss Evans
for your check up. I will book an appointment in her surgery at
four thirty for you."

Check up? Surgery? Appointment. I felt the nagging irritation of
fear in my tummy. Why wasn't there someone to look after me and
help me through all this? Explain what was going on.


I stood outside their room tugging at the back of my short
dress. I felt I should not appear too tarty. Here I was a maid
about to present a letter to my wife's lover begging him for
sexual release. I patted my hair into place sucked in a deep
breath of courage and knocked the door.

"Come in."

It was his voice. I immediately felt frightened. He was so big
and powerful and had shown that he was not afraid to use his
power to bully me.

I entered and saw that they were both sat on the balcony. Miss
Johnson was wearing a thin strappy dress that showed off her
curves. Oddly she wore strappy high heels, something she rarely
did during the day when she was my wife. 'My' wife. What an odd
thought that I should ever have owned someone!

Paulo was stood leaning against a post drinking beer.

He gave me that dreadful haughty sneer of his. I must say Miss
Johnson seemed far more sympathetic. She smiled at me as I

"You can close the door, Debbie," she smiled.

I did so and then Paulo beckoned me over by crooking his finger
at me. What an ugly demeaning mannerism.

I approached with my letter. I offered it to Miss Johnson but
she shook her head sadly and indicated that I should give it to
Paulo who was holding out his hand for it.

I handed him the letter and curtsied. I looked down at the
floor. Sometimes Adults were really good fun, but sometimes they
just frightened me. Miss Johnson swung her naked legs about to
face me.

Her legs were wonderful and always turned me on. I felt the
usual frustrating stirring in my chastity belt and looked
submissively at her. Almost in a dream I can remember a previous
life when, if I spoke, she listened. When I wanted something she
would do it. She seemed to even love me shouting at her,
mastering her. I would not dare take any liberties with her now
of course.

"Ha. So you want me to wank you tonight?" Paulo said coldly.

Bastard. I kept my eyes on the floor shivering at the thought of
my ex wife hearing that. 'Ex wife'? Did I really think

I curtseyed. "Yes sir."

Not really I thought. I would much rather it was Miss Johnson,
or Mister Deacon and his wife or, or I thought of the roses. I
thought of her serene calm authority. Mistress Shania I felt
would be certain to be warm and understanding in taking me
through The Point.

Paulo gave the letter to Miss Johnson and I felt dreadful. Did
he have to be so cruel as to show her what he had just read?

She read it through and then asked me: "are you sure that this
is what you want?"

I wanted to explain to her: 'please Miss Johnson unless it
happens I can never cum again'. But of course I was only allowed
to say: "Yes Miss Johnson."

She sighed and handed the letter back to her man. "Well Debbie,"
she said sweetly, "I suppose I shall have to share him with you
for one night."

She smiled at me trying to win me over. I smiled back.

Paulo stood right in front of me, my head only reaching his
shoulders. I felt dreadfully intimidated. "Be here at eight
o'clock slut! We'll think of what we want you to wear for your
special occasion," did he have to sneer in that awful manner of
his. What did Miss Johnson see in him!

"I think she likes tight white dresses and high heeled boots,"
Miss Johnson said helpfully.

"It's not what the little slut wants that matters. We decide."
He announced as if it made him the biggest man in the world.

"Oh. Something a bit more restrained then," Miss Johnson

Paulo laughed evilly, "she will be restrained, but not in the
manner of her dress. Do you like bunny girls Linda?"

My ex wife giggled despite herself, "oh Paulo! You are wicked!"

"The school uniform suited her," he continued making Miss
Johnson laugh out loud. He could use her first name and I could
not even use the name I had given her when I married her!

"Or perhaps nothing at all," he mused.

I was totally humiliated. He had total control over me and as
far as I could see he had some measure of control over my wife

"Run along Debbie," he said at last, taking Miss Johnson's chin
in his hand and kissing her with his huge tongue.

I curtseyed, "yes sir, Miss Johnson." And fled!


Miss Evans Surgery

Miss Evans was wearing a doctors white jacket about her skirt
and blouse. She had a more kindly pleasant persona than that
which I remembered from my first day here when I was beaten
endlessly for even minor infractions.

I curtsied to her as she welcomed me into her surgery. Two
nurses, or rather male maids dressed as nurses, in short neat
white flared dresses with white stockings stood to one side. You
could tell they were maids by the customary manner of palms
sticking out at right angles to the floor, elbows tight in
extenuating the narrow waists with the forever pouting pink lips
and wide vulnerable eyes.

Miss Evans propelled me with a hand at the small of my back
towards a central table that I recognized as a gynecologist's
bed with the feet stirrups at the opposite end to a thin pillow.

"Strip Debbie," Miss Evans said softly.

I removed my dress, folded it and put it neatly over a chair
before turning to face her.

"I said strip bimbo, are you stupid or deaf?"

I must be stupid, I thought, because I certainly was not deaf.
"Sorry Miss Evans."

I removed my bra, surprised at ever by the way in which the
bouncing breasts stuck so firmly to my chest. I gave her a red
faced glance to make sure I should continue before I pulled my
tight black panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I blushed scarlet in just my suspenders, stockings and heels.

She gave me the key and I released the heels and continued to
strip. I felt terribly vulnerable but noted that the maid-nurses
did not bat an eyelid at my predicament.

I took off the suspender belt and slipped the stockings form
legs so that I was left in the locked corset. I felt more naked
than naked.

"Turn around."

I did so, turning, my bare feet on the cold tiled floor. I heard
the lock being released and at once the corset slackened and
then fell loose. My lungs expanded with a strain.

Miss Evans took the corset from me and held it straight armed at
the maid-nurses. One of them advanced, curtsied neatly, took it
and placed it on the rest of my clothes.

"Lie on your back on the bed," Miss Evans said, before hurtfully
adding, "I hear you have already had plenty of practice at lying
on your back on other people's beds."

"Yes Miss Evans," was all I could muster through my shame. I
kept my eyes on the floor. What a cruel thing to say to someone,
even if it is only in front of two other maids who are probably
just as bad a pair of sluts as I am.

I lay on the cool leather and felt Miss Evans lift my legs into
the stirrups thus parting and raising my legs.

Spread like that I felt mortified. I knew I had to keep my eyes
wide open just as I had to keep my lips pursed, but I so dearly
would love to have closed them and shut out this dreadful

"Place your hands, palm upward by the side of your head," she
commanded. "You ought to do that when ever you are lying on your
back before an adult."

"Yes Miss Evans." I did as I was told. With my hands raised in
this manner I felt that my entire body was exposed to her. I had
often seen Miss Johnson, the adult I arrived with, I mean my
wife, adopting such a pose when we were about to make love. It
signified total submission on the part of the woman. A ritual
giving up of the body to someone else.

"Now listen carefully Debbie, I am going to remove your little
clitty holder from between your legs."

I caught my breath. At last. Had the error been realised? Was I
about to be released?

"You must make no attempt to touch it or even look at it. If you
even try to do so I will call my most sadistic adult to come up
here and give you the beating of a life time. Understand?"

She spoke so sweetly but her words filled me with terror. I was
frightened of her and her staff.

"Yes Miss Evans."

"Good. Now I understand that you are going to be a brave little
girl and pass through The Point tonight."

"Yes Miss Evans."

"Good. Well done. We like our girls to get it over with as soon
as possible. It is tiresome and inconvenient to have virgins on
the premises."

"Yes Miss Evans." I wish I knew what she was talking about but
I knew better than to argue or even say anything.

"I am going to give you a quick examination to check that you
are ok and remain undamaged. You may at this point speak freely
about any fears or doubts that you have. I am a psychiatrist by
profession and will help you face up to them. So speak now. Ok?"

"Yes Miss Evans." Dare I?

She passed a small torch over my eyes checking for the reaction.

Should I explain their mistake? I could not pass up this

"Say argh," she said pushing my tongue down with a plastic

I did so. She appeared to be satisfied as she then she placed a
blood pressure monitor around my arms. As she pumped it up I
took a breath and spoke.

"Please Miss Evans may I be allowed to go home now?"

It was as if I had not spoken. She carried on with her tests
watching the scale on the meter. She then removed it and replied
coldly, "you may return to your maids quarters when I have
finished with you and when all your out standing chores are

"Yes Miss Evans."

I watched her write up her notes and tried again, "no I mean my
real home. From before I came here."

"Debbie dear this is your real home. Silly girl."

"Yes Miss Evans." I might as well have been on an LSD trip for
all the sense she made. I had learned over the last few days
that I was not very bright. I did have a University degree but
clearly that must have been an error because I could barely
comprehend anything any more. Indeed I had lost faith in my
ability to count and handle numbers. All the adults knew what to
do and what to say but I was dependent up on them for

She listened to my chest with a stethoscope and I attempted a
different tack. "Please Miss Evans could I leave The Hotel after
you have finished the examination."

"If an adult will have you Debbie. And from what I have heard
you are not short of offers."

I clenched my fists in frustration. I was such a dim wit that I
could not even make myself understood.

"No Miss Evans I do not mean as a maid."

"Do you feel any bruising from the corset?" She asked gently
prodding my ribs.

"No Miss Evans."

"Good and your feet how are they?"

I moved them around. "Fine Miss Evan thank you for asking. Oh,
oh," I quickly added like a silly girlie, "sometimes they ache
when I am on my feet for long periods."

Miss Evans stared at me as if exasperated with a small child.
"Well what do you expect wearing high heels all the time?"

"Oh yes, thank you Miss Evans." Oh I felt so foolish. Of course
they would hurt if I wore high heels. I could be a bit of an
airhead at times.

Miss Evans hands went between my legs. I held my breath and
closed my eyes. I heard a click and felt the restraint between
my legs relax. The cylinder was slid off my member and I felt
air on it. What a wonderful feeling.

I watched Miss Evans place the tube onto the table and felt her
check over my groin area.

"Please Miss Evans what if I left the Hotel but not as a maid,"
I tried again

Miss Evans smiled, "it is possible Debbie."

I felt relief. I may have been lying in the most humiliating
position known to medical science but I was free from all my
restraints and at last had been told I could leave.

I felt her hand on my penis. It stiffened immediately.

"After all many girls leave here in positions other than that of
maids," she rolled my testicles about and I began to breath
shallowly. "We have successfully produced many good secretaries,
waitresses, bunny girls you just have to work hard at school.
The Hotel is a place where effort is rewarded."

I closed my eyes as my penis ballooned up for the first time in
ages. "Yes Miss Evans." Oh I was on cloud nine. I had an
erection and one more touch and I would cum. At long, long last.

Yeow. I squealed. Something cold and hard had penetrated my arse

"Keep still slut. Do you have problems with the dildo or
vibrators when you insert them?"

I blushed hard and felt my prick bounce around fully engorged.
I was ready to cum. One touch from her and I would spurt like a
steam engine.

"No Miss Evans."

"I thought not. Then you should pass the Point with very little
trouble at all."

"Yes Miss Evans."

She removed her thin rubber gloves and handed them to a
maid-nurse. "If you wish to see me for anything, physical or
mental then write it on your job sheets in the maid's quarters."

"Yes Miss Evans."

She dropped a bag of ice on my erect member making it burn and

"So I cannot leave here then?" I blurted out the words as I
wriggled uncomfortably beneath her ice massage of my privates.

"I suppose you could. But you did ask to stay for a month. And
I believe you told the adult you arrived with the same thing in
front of witnesses "

"But ... but ..."

"I suppose we could then take you to court for failing to live
up to your working contract. You could explain to the world how
you have been dressed, beaten and used by the adults here."

My God! I swallowed hard

"We have a new corset. Slightly tighter than the previous one.
Sit up and the nurses will help fasten it."

I sat up feeling the weight of my boobs. As I straightened my
back Miss Evans passed the cincher about my waist and the two
nurses grabbed it and tugged it tightly around me. I heard the
lock snap shut. I was being imprisoned again.

"Of course," Miss Evans continued matter of factly, "we would
insist that you dress as a maid for the jury to see you. To show
how well we looked after you. We would point out that you
voluntarily underwent the training. That spankings are only
carried out when the maids are disobedient. I dare say your
picture would be in every paper in the world. Stand up dear."

I felt very shocked as I rose. Clearly it would not be a good
idea to leave here. Anyway I would miss the other girls and Mr.
and Mrs. Deacon. Not forgetting Mistress Shania.

She fitted the steel restraint to my now freezing, shrunken
member and fastened it to my corset.

"Turn around slut," she said

I did so feeling the metal bands curling up the cheeks of my
bottom to the corset. I knew that within seconds I would be
locked away in the chastity belt again. My moment of freedom had
been brief and useless.

"On the other hand," she mused tugging tightly at the bands,
"you would then lose the right to be kept in sexy clothing. You
do like your outfits don't you Debbie?"

"Oh yes Miss Evans." Of course I did! They were everything I had
ever fantasised about.

She patted my bottom. "Good. So a little discomfort is worth the
delightful pleasure?"

"Oh yes Miss Evans, definitely."

"Good. Dress yourself and please come and visit me when ever you
are feeling confused again."

"Yes Miss Evans thank you Miss Evans."

Having had the situation explained to me so clearly, it had
become obvious that I should remain here at the hotel. I pulled
on my knickers and bra. The excitement I felt when I clasped the
ends of the bra together being on par with the frisson as the
kickers slipped up my smooth legs around my flattened crotch.

The nurses helped me with my stockings which was sweet as well
as being erotic. I felt the now familiar squeezing of my growing

Miss Evans added a few extra notes and closed my file. "Don't
worry your pretty little head about anything will you my dear?"

"No Miss Evans," I said slipping my stockinged feet into the
high heels which now felt comfortable and welcome. Indeed it
felt odd to not wear them during the examination.

"It is very easy for a foolish little maid to have some crazy
notion flit into her empty head and then let it get the better
of her."

"Yes Miss Evans." So true. That was what had happened to me.

"Usually a few words with me and everything is clear again."

"Yes Miss Evans."

When I left her surgery I felt as if I had just enjoyed a
wonderfully relaxing hot bath. I was refreshed and confident.
Now that it had been explained to me that there was no
possibility of leaving here except with an adult everything was
clear cut. Indeed I could look forward to a lot of time in the
wardrobe room dressing for the pleasure of others.

As I passed two men heading for the pool in just their trunks,
carrying two towels, I smiled sweetly at them.

They laughed and one of them said, "tramp", as he passed.

I giggled. Yes I was a tramp. And I was very good at it.

But then I stopped. And thought again. What was I thinking? My
restraints had been removed and I could have escaped. I could
have gone to miss Johnson, and insisted that she help me. After
all I was her husband. Well if all else failed I could beg her.

My mind was drowning in this crazy world. Once I had passed the
point I would throw myself at any adult in order to get them to
take me out of here. At least then I could escape and win back
Miss Johnson.

I pressed the button for the lift that would take me down to the
maid's quarters. In little more than an hour I would be in the
wardrobe room and have to dress in whatever humiliating outfit
that horrible Paulo had demanded for me.

I was so helpless and lost and worse, I was to face up to
passing through the Point.