The Hotel Part 7
By Deborah Ford


Mistress Shania took me firmly by the hand and led me into her bedroom. I could see at once the tall mirror that leaned against the wall. It reflected the full length of the bed. I stepped before it and checked my neat blond hair and black, slightly crumpled maid's dress. Swinging from left to right and I was yet again staggered at the transformation that had taken place in such a short space of time.


I hated being slapped on the thigh; it was as painful as it was demeaning. The sort of punishment handed out to an errant child.

I rubbed at the wound and looked wide eyed at a grinning Mistress Shania.

"No time to admire yourself young lady, get your kit off."

Oh! How crude. I thought I should put up a bit of a fight. I was more than a little scared at the idea that she was going to take my virginity - not least because I did not really understand what she wanted.

I removed the apron and set about the zip behind my back, "I think you should ask a girl rather than give her a command. Yowl!"

She slapped the other thigh. I decided I best not say anything more. I would teach her a lesson by remaining silent.

She sat on the bed crossing her lovely curvy legs and regarded me as if in judgement.

The dress slid to the carpeted floor about my heels and I stepped out of it. I of course wore the black corset, stockings, little knickers and heels.

"Turn," she said evenly taking in my legs.

I did as I was told.

When I had my back to her I was aware that I was being appraised as if I were nothing more than an object like a statue or a pet or even a work of art. I know I should have hated it, but my growing penis, or little clitty, as I was supposed to now refer to it, was trying to grow in its confines.

"Not bad," she murmured to herself.

Not bad! Humph! I had a good mind to say something to her there and then but as I am sure you have already guessed I quickly thought better of it. I had seen how she had treated her other maids and I did not fancy getting on the bad side of her.

"Ok, turn fully around."

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I did so and found that despite the fact that I felt insulted I
found myself smiling at her.

"Feeling pleased with yourself little girl?" She asked leaning
back on the bed so that her straight arms held her upright. For
some reason she had a superior smile across her face. As if she
knew something that I didn't.

I shrugged and giggled, "yes it is nice being with you

She nodded her head as if impressed with my reply. "Good girl.
You know of course," her eyes narrowed, "that I am going to fuck
the arse off you?"

"Why yes of ..." I gasped and put my hands up to shoulder height
as I had been taught by Miss Carrington.

For some reason she was deeply amused by my shock. She did not
laugh out loud but she was clearly very pleased with herself. As
if she were scoring points in a game. A game only she could win.

"I am going to grease your arse and then fuck you stupid."

My hands fell over my mouth. I wondered if I should run for the
door. Perhaps she was teasing me; I tried a brave smile and a
"yes miss."

"And do you know what slut?"

"No," I whispered hoarsely.

"You are going to beg me to do it." She raised her eyebrows as
if she were reprimanding a child.

I shook my head, "please Mistress Shania I don't think ..."

"Open the wardrobe." She nodded behind me to the triple doored
hotel wardrobe.

"I have a present for you."

Oh! "Thank you Mistress Shania! Thank you, I squealed with
delight. How stupid of me. It had of course been Mistress Shania
who had bought me the flowers that made everyone so jealous,
including Miss Jaguar!

I opened the doors to see a huge array of clothing. Some of it
rubber, some leather and some gorgeous silky underwear that I'd
love. I turned back to her with raised eyebrows, wondering which
was my present. It felt like Christmas.

"Behind the coats" she smiled benignly.

I pushed the coats aside and my heart stopped and my smile
collapsed. There, hanging on their own pegs was a display of
whips, canes, chains and various bondage equipment.

Oh dear.

"Bring me the cane my dear and that leather collar contraption
with the cuffs."

"Yes Mistress Shania," I bobbed.

There was nothing like the site of canes and paddles and whips
to whisk me straight back to being an obedient maid. Oh when
could I leave this hotel and become normal again?

I handed her the whip and the bondage collar.

"Thank you. There's a good girl."

I bobbed 'a thank you mistress' and stepped back from her. It
was worse being in your underwear before an adult than being in
a maid's dress.

She held up the collar. "Do you know what this is for?"

The two cuffs hug down on lengths of six inch chains and rattled
as she flourished it.

I shook my head.

"Oh?" She feigned surprise and I felt as if we were continuing
the game that I could not possibly win. She raised the cane with
her right hand. "What about this? Do you know what this is for."

"Oh yes Mistress," I gushed. "Oh yes. That is for beating

"Mmm," she thought about my reply. "What sort of maids get

I swallowed ashamed to use the words, "naughty maids Mistress."

"Clever girl," she laughed. "Naughty maids. Now in what ways can
a maid be naughty?"

I was shaking at the knees desperate to sit down. The evening I
was looking forward to, was now turning into a terrible
nightmare. She had me completely at her mercy here and was
playing with me like a cat with a mouse.

"Oh," I tried to think straight as she waved the dreaded cane in
my direction. "Being disobedient."

She nodded expecting more. I thought hard. "Being late."

She still wanted more. She was looking for a list! I closed my
eyes thinking hard. "Uhm being stupid."

Her cane tapped my bared thigh above the stockings. "No my
dear," she said. "Maids do not get punished for being stupid or
else you would be being punished all day wouldn't you?"

"Oh yes Mistress," I pretended to giggle at her 'put down' of a
joke but her face became stern and I stopped giggling.

Her eyes narrowed. "After all only someone particularly stupid
would let them selves get into this predicament. A normal person
would never find themselves where you are placed."

Her simple words were simple truths. I did feel stupid. I
clenched my fists. Why had I dragged my wife along to this
ordeal of a weekend. A weekend that was turning into a lifetime.

"Yes Mistress," I agreed, head bowed.

She tapped the cane against my thigh and smiled sweetly. "But
never mind, you don't need to be clever if you have someone to
look after you."

That was also true. "Yes Mistress," I smiled. I felt that she
was going to look after me. Perhaps I would not be beaten after

"So continue your list, you have only got one wrong so far."

One wrong. I hated those words. This was a competition. A game
set by her. A game I knew I was going to lose. "Maids can be
punished for answering back, speaking out of turn, disagreeing,
lying ...."

She tapped my thigh with her little stick. "Lying," she smiled.
"That is right. There is nothing worse than a deceitful little
maid. If I am going to really punish a little slut it is usually
for lying."

"Oh I never lie, mistress, honestly," I whimpered deciding that
I never would lie again.

"Good girl. Glad to hear it. Because it would be a shame if I
had to waste my energy beating your cute arse when I could be
using my energy to fuck it."

"Er yes mistress," I agreed uncertainly.

"Because you do want me to fuck you don't you?"

"Oh yes Mistress," I felt sick with fear but knew that agreeing
with her would be the best course to keep my bottom from being
cut by her cane.

"Then say it darling."


Her eyes remained wide with pretty innocence. "I said say it.
Tell me what you want me to do to you."

I swallowed, "I want you to ...." Then I paused. 'Fuck' is a
horrible word. A word associated with whores and vulgar, rough
people. I did not think that a nice maid like me should say such
a thing. "Make love to me please."

She was not impressed. She rose to her full height which I
guessed to be little more than five feet if she was not wearing
her stilettos. How could such a small woman dominate me!

"Fuck me Mistress, I mean," I gushed nervously, "I want you to
fuck me mistress."

Mistress Shania stood with her legs apart her hands holding the
cane and the collar now on her hips. "On your knees."

I collapsed to my knees.

I looked up at her. "Oh please mistress I want you to fuck me,
please, please."

She smiled yet again, and yet again her smile was one of
triumph. She was still winning her game and I was still losing.

"Do you my dear? Do you really?"

"Oh yes Mistress I have thought about nothing else since I met

She beamed radiantly. "How sweet. Perhaps as you are so honest
I wont need this." She waved the cane about.

"No mistress, I will never lie to you."

"Good girl but I will place it here next to the bed in case you
forget your promise."

It was with relief that I watched her put the dreaded cane near
the head of the double bed.

"So then what is this for?" She held out the collar and cuffs to

"To secure a maid's wrists to her neck".

She patted my head as if I were her pet and for all the world
that is what I might as well have been.

"Correct. Now why might I want to do that?"

"To make her helpless Mistress?"

She thought this was the funniest joke she had ever heard and
laughed so loudly I thought every one in the hotel must have
heard her. I rubbed my stockinged legs on the carpet feeling
defeated and humiliated. I was desperate to know the rules of
the game to ensure that I could keep losing and keep her from
beating me.

"Silly tart, you are helpless aren't you!" She laughed again.

I nodded and blushed at being so stupid. Had I always been dumb?

She fastened the collar about my neck and I felt sick with fear.

"You don't have to do this," I ventured my mouth dry with dread.

"Don't I?" She asked fastening it behind my neck. "But you don't
know what it is for. So how do you know whether I need to use it
or not?"

Her eyes stuck on mine until I looked away. I was always in the
wrong. What ever I said I did was foolish unless I followed an
adult's command.

She raised my left wrist and pulled the cuff about it. The chain
held it tightly and uncomfortably near my neck. I saw a tiny
lock clasp close and my hand was held. Moments later my other
hand was locked into place so that I was left with my hands
clasped 'prayer' fashion above my boobs.

I was now totally, totally helpless and at her mercy.

She held up the key she had shown me outside and smiled nastily
at me. "Stand up.

I rose unsteadily to my heeled feet.

Keeping her eyes fixed on mine she put her hands on either side
of my panties and hauled them down my stocking legs to my heels.

As I stepped out of them I felt my prick engorge so quickly I
thought it would burst in its chastity belt.

She held up the key that she had shown me earlier. It was as if
she had to show me every stage of her game. How I as completely
in her power. Yet at that moment I adored her more than anyone.
She frightened my to death and continuously humiliated me but I
loved her. Maybe I was wholly stupid.

I watched her unlock my chastity belt and heard it fall to the
carpet. I dared not react of course I had to wait for her to
tell me what to do.

She tickled my little clit and it became so big, so hard and so
painful that I grabbed her legs. "Oh Mistress please fuck me, oh
please, please."

I felt tears filling my eyes and my cheek hurt from being
pressed against her nylon clad knees.

"Oh all right then," she announced as if suddenly convinced, "on
to the bed. But be quick before I change my mind."

I dived on to the bed as instructed and turned awkwardly in my
bonds to watch her kick off her shoes, and remove her skirt and
blouse. She was wearing a black corset and stockings and looked

She pulled open a draw and took out a strap on dildo and I
closed my eyes. Oh God please don't let it hurt me.

I am afraid that I was terribly aroused and my mind was reeling
under the sensual power of this strong woman. She climbed on the
bed her dildo waving about weapon like before her. She flicked
me over demonstrating yet again the surprising strength she had
for such a small woman.

When she nuzzled up behind me and took my little clit in her
hand I almost came immediately.

She laughed softly in my ear, "now only come when you are told
or else you won't get this treat again."

She pushed the dildo up to the entrance of my anus and I felt
its well lubricated softness. My first instinct was to push down
on it. I heard my familiar incantation, "oh yes, please, oh
please." After so many nights of running through the same drill
with my own dildo in my bedroom downstairs my aroused mind was
on automatic pilot.

She slipped into my easily though pulled back if I pushed down
too much with the words: "now don't forget who is in charge".

"Yes mistress, oh, please, yes..."

"Now open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror."

I did so, even though my lids were heavy and desperate to close.

I saw the erotic image of a gorgeous pouting blond in sexy
underwear in a state of total mind numbing excitement.

"Watch her perform Debbie, she is you," Mistress Shania taunted.

Time passed from another dimension as I watched the submissive
blond obediently follow her mistress' every request until
eventually she exploded in orgasmic release as a begging,
pleading little slut.


I woke up hearing Mistress Shania on the phone. My rear felt
oddly empty needing something inside me to fill a mysterious
gap. My hands were free though I could still feel the invisible
weight of the cuffs around my wrists and neck.

I turned around to see Mistress Shania giggling girlishly on the

"Well," she was saying coyly, "I now need a real man to fill me
and I thought of you."

I sat up stiffly my entire body aching from the shagging I had
received. "Please Miss I can do that."

The slap across my face sent me falling half off the bed with
only the sheets keeping my legs from falling out.

"Oh that," Mistress Shania, continued as if nothing untoward had
taken place, "just a silly little maid getting what she asked
for." She covered the mouthpiece with her hand and spat at me:
"get your dress now!"

"Yes Mistress," I said tumbling out of bed to discover that my
chastity belt had already been refitted whilst I slept.

I dashed to get my dress and made to step into it.

She covered the mouthpiece again, "were you told to put it on?"

"Er no Mistress, I just thought...."

"Well don't think!" she snapped before removing her hand from
the mouth piece and smiling sweetly, "So I'll see you in five

She put the phone down and her face became resolute and
frightening. "Take your name tag off your dress."

The command surprised me and it was only when I saw her eyes
narrow that my trembling fingers picked at the pin on the
"Debbie" card.

"Now pin it on to your knickers."

"Yes Mistress," what was going on?

I found my knickers near the bedside and pinned my name badge to
the black little skimpy knickers.

Mistress Shania climbed out of bed and I immediately stepped
back out of reach but she went past me to her bedside drawers
and pulled open the top one. It was full of black panties all
with their name tags attached. I could see Susan, Jenny, Carla
.... Every name you could think of.

She grabbed my panties and threw them in the drawer and slammed
it shut.

"My trophies," she explained. "Now get out."

I stood motionless in her room. Trophies? Was that what I was?
Had she just seduced me to add a notch to her bed - or another
pair of panties to her collection?

My ear was grabbed and I was led to the door clutching my dress.
But the pain in my ear was nothing compared to the uncertainty
in my heart. Did she not love me? Had she not sent me flowers,
looked after me, given me advice?

She pulled open the front door and pushed me half naked into the
corridor. Yet again I was struck by her strength and power that
was completely at odds with her size.

I stood mouth open staring at her in shock as her severe face
gave way to her pretty smile. But the Jekyll and Hyde change was
not for me this time.

"You made it in double quick time," she said playfully.

A man appeared from nowhere, I had the impression that he had
been running. He put his hand behind her head and gave her a big
wet kiss.

I was transfixed with impotent jealous rage.

He stood back and admired her corseted and stockinged figure. He
growled his approval. How infantile I thought. But within a
second the door closed and I was left alone in the corridor
holding my dress.

But she must love me, I reasoned. Why go through all that
trouble to get me into bed?

I pulled on my dress and made my way back to the wardrobe room
knowing that I looked a shambles. Every mirror I passed
testified to the fact that I looked as I had been 'fucked
stupid' as Mistress Shania had promised me. My hair was a mess,
my makeup smudged and there was even a hole in my stockings.
Worse, beneath my dress I wore no panties. I felt abused and
vulnerable. I was determined not to cry.

At the wardrobe room Mistress Jaguar dashed out, her face like
thunder. "I want that Debbie tonight! I want her virginity!" She
saw me and I froze in horror as she laughed at my appearance.
"Have you seen Debbie tonight you well fucked slut?"


"Oh never mind!" She brushed passed me towards the lift. "If you
see her tell her that I am looking for her!"

If I see her! I stepped into the Wardrobe room where Mistress
Tiger was filling out a form. When I saw my self in the mirror
I realised Mistress Jaguar's mistake. Without my name tag I
could be any one of the maids working at the Hotel. I saw a
bimbo blond as anonymous as any of the girls you see in
newspaper photos.

I felt totally depressed. I was little more than my name tag
which now was attached to a pair of knickers in Mistress
Shania's drawer.

"Humph!" I said aloud. Then I saw Trisha changing out of a short
leather red dress.

I raced up to her and said hello and when she failed to
recognise me almost cried. "It's me Debbie!"'

She looked about me for a name tag. "Someone's taken it from
me," I explained as tears formed in my eyes, "as a memento."

She grabbed my arm and dragged me behind the dress racks out of
sight of Mistress Tiger. "Listen we must escape tomorrow night.
It's too late now..."

"Yes!" I exclaimed. Tomorrow night could not come around fast

"All we have to do is ...."

"You two sluts hurry up!" Bellowed Mistress Tiger.

"Yes Mistress," we both curtsied even though she could not see
us. The action was robotic and automatic

We said nothing more but gave each other a kiss and changed to
return to our dormitory.

I was too exhausted to think of escape and plans. I let my dress
fall to the floor and went mechanically through the routine with
the dildo. First the mouth and the usual chant before slipping
it up my bottom where it now fitted easily. I desperately wanted
Mistress Shania tot be on the end of the dildo. I was excited
just at he idea of her lovemaking.

So, exhausted and emotionally drained, I crawled into bed where
Sally wriggled up to me.

The last thing I wanted was to hear about Sally's stupid plans
to explain the Hotels mistake so I chained myself to her as
quickly as I could.

She put her arms around me rather than pushing me away and gave
me a kiss on my cheek. "Guess what!" she said.

"They are going to release you?" I said sleepily.

"What?" she said perplexed. "Oh yes, perhaps. Maybe one day. No
it's not that. Two lovely men are going to take me out tomorrow
night! What do you think of that?"

"Great," was all I could muster before drifting off to sleep
vaguely aware of how Sally was desperately trying to wank
herself on my leg. I knew she would be unsuccessful. There are
some things you need an adult for.

Come to think of it, you need an adult to do anything.


The following morning the key was thrown through the door for us
to release ourselves. Silly Sally was prattling on about these
two men in her life. Trisha, Samantha and I exchanged looks of
rolling eyes. I preferred it when she went on about how it was
all a mistake.

After we showered and changed into our school uniforms with
Trish and Samantha donning their crisp neat maids outfits we
were allowed in to the corridor which was bustling with girls.
I had never seen so many school girls.

Miss Evans was anxiously marching up and down shouting at the
Mistress Cats to keep order.

We were lined up against the wall and we began our walk down to
the classroom. I noticed that some of the secretaries in their
glasses and lovely little skirts were exchanging glances.
Clearly they had never seen it so busy before.

You can always tell the new girls from the way that they slouch
and look so scared. They never stand prettily with the hands
exactly out or the knee just positioned so. They will learn.
Today there must have been about twelve new girls. Miss
Carrington led them into a second classroom further up the
hallway. Miss Leopard took us into our usual room where I saw
Sharon, Tracy and Shelly who looked at me quizzically. We were
all desperate to know what was happening.

The newer girls in the class who sat at the front were craning
their necks to see what was happening outside the classroom.

Miss Carrington drove in like a steam train and thanked Miss

"I have to get upstairs," Miss Leopard said frantically. "It's
a mad house up there."

Miss Carrington shook her head. "They should plan these things
better. Twelve new girls! All starting together."

Miss Leopard nodded to us, "we will need these as full timers
double quick."

Then she left.

As Miss Carrington told us to sit and I flattened the little
pleated skirt beneath me, I heard the familiar sounds of a cane
flying through the air followed by the usual squeal. The new
girls were beginning their lessons.

It was nice to be a more experienced maid. You knew best how to
avoid beatings.

"Girls! Today is a big day for you all. Ok. The new girls can
write a thousand word essay on why you would like to stay here
for a month. If it is honestly written and believable then you
will escape a fixed penalty of twelve canings. The older girls
who have passed the point can write an essay on what sort of
boobs you would really like to have. Remember, think of the
advantages of real boobs over ones that have to be fixed on once
a week. Note too, that real breasts are sensual and can be
stroked by adults for their and your own pleasure. Again if it
is believable you will escape a fixed penalty, but..." she
paused and eyed us 'older' girls with an encouraging smile, "if
I believe what you have written then your school days will be

Over. My school days could be over!

I can see that many of you will go on to become fine maids,
secretaries, nurses, oh just about anything you can dream of in
your empty blond heads. So get writing!"

The end of my school days! This was an exam and if I passed I
would not have to wear this demeaning little school uniform ever
again. I gasped and felt the excitement of the girls around me,
many of whom were already writing earnestly.

When we finished Miss Carrington took myself, the three girls
who had started on the same day as I and a couple of the others
to a new classroom where we were told to sit and wait for our
careers master.

This was turning into a very strange day. If we had been allowed
to speak no doubt the room would have been full of idle
speculative chattering on what was happening.

Miss Evans arrived five minutes later with a middle aged man who
was balding, bespectacled and unlike any 'man' I had seen at The
Hotel since we had arrived. They were all handsome hunks.

"Miss Evans introduced him to us as Mister Evans, her husband
and careers master.

I crossed my bare legs and leaned forward in concentration: this
sounded important. Of course we are not allowed to lean on the
desks or slump in a slovenly fashion so I had to remain bolt
upright with breasts pointing outwards.

"Ok girls. Today is a big day for you. You cease to be mere
school girls and will become true maids."

A charge of excitement sparkled in the room. Wow.

"Now maids," he seemed to be moving onto a well rehearsed speech
and I noticed that Miss Evans, rather than listening had begun
to sort out some folders that had our names on them. "Now maids,
if your essays are good enough you will earn yourself a surname.
Up until now, as school girls, you have not needed a second
name. But for those of you who will have to leave here, and some
will fly to exotic locations all over the world, you will need
a surname for your passport and tickets. You may need a surname
for your place of employment."

Miss Evans handed out a form to each of us that looked
frighteningly legal. Its print was very fine and would take a
great deal of time to read.

"The forms you see before you, will register the change of name
from the unsuitable one you arrived here with to a more
appropriate name."

I felt as if I was back in the hole digging deeper and not
having any chance to escape.

"When you are given your name fill it in the place provided at
the bottom by printing it. then sign your new name below that on
the bottom line marked signature."

I glanced down at the form and noted the appropriate places.

"When you sign your form use the first letter of your first name
and then your second name follows as if it is one word. There
must be no full stops between the first letter and your

Seemed simple enough.

"Here we go: Sharon?" He asked looking over his glasses.

Sharon put up her hand nervously.

"Your surname is Lutt. Write it down."

I saw her wrinkle her nose not liking such a horrible surname
but one look from Miss Evans had her writing it in full and
signing it.


Tracy's hand rose.

"Art." He said simply.

Tracy seemed happy enough with her name and wrote it out.

He went through the names but by the time he got to me some of
the girls were raising their hands desperate to point something
out to Mr Evans.


I put up my hand in its crisp white blouse.

"Umber." He announced.

Pretty enough I thought with a superior smile.

I filed out the name by printing Debbie Umber and then signed at
the bottom. It was then that my heart sank.

I looked at my signature and realised what a calamity had
befallen me. I swiftly raised my arm with the other girls.
Nearly all of us had our hands up now, each desperate for

Samantha was practically out of her chair so frantic was she to
gain the notice of Mister Evans.

"Yes Samantha?" asked a sniffy Miss Evans as if she already knew
what the question would be.

"Please miss I am sorry to say this," she tried bravely coughing
to clear her throat and sum up the courage to continue. "But my
name Samantha Lut as a signature spells ..." she flushed pink.

"Slut?" Observed Miss Evans with raised eyebrows. "Clever girl.

Samantha looked in shock at her new name.

"Mine is Tracy Art which spells ..." she looked around her with
pink cheeks and whispered, "tart."

"Clever girl," Miss Evans said sarcastically.

The rest of us put our hands down. They even had to humiliate us
with our names! I glanced at how the pretty name of Debbie Umber
became 'Dumber' as a signature.

I thought of how all the adults would find that hysterically
funny every time I had to sign for anything. A short skirted,
high heeled, air headed, blond signing her name as Dumber.

On the other hand it was marginally better than the other names
my friends were receiving.

"Now that we get the message please pay attention." Miss Evans
walked down the aisle between us making us sit bolt upright and
fearfully forgetting about any more protest.

Mister Evans smiled, "don't worry you will get used to your new
names. I am afraid that The Hotel is very busy right now so we
have to move through the next part very quickly. So please pay
attention, I know how difficult that is for blonds," he added
with a silly, knowing laugh.

Of course we had to giggle dutifully at the silly put down.

Miss Evans was now collecting in our name change forms and
handing out a second form. I did not even want to look at it.
What terrible degradation were we to be put through now?

"On this second form is a list of careers that we can offer you
young ladies. Please study them carefully and add a number 1
next to your favourite, a two next to your second and then a
three and so forth until you reach ten. Ok?"

We looked at him in shock.

"You can count to ten can you?"

We giggled on cue and picked up a pen.

My name was at the top of the form followed by the line "my
preferred choice of employment on leaving the Hotel:"

There was then a list, one item per line, a series of dots
leading to a box for each job title.

The list read ....

1. Maid at hotel
2. Maid at country house
3. Maid at domestic house
4. Bunny girl
5. Pole dancer
6. Lap dancer
7. Secretary
8. Receptionist
9. Air hostess
10. Brain surgeon
11. Wife
12. Model
13. Escort
14. Whore
15. Up market call girl

There then followed a section to be ticked:

1. male master
2. female mistress
3. both/either

I looked through the choices and felt pretty excited in my
chastity belt.

I thought it be very sexy to be any of those apart from the
brain surgeon. Yeugh! That did not sound very glamorous at all.

I put the maid positions first because I felt I could do those
reasonably satisfactorily. But then it was very difficult. They
all had something going for them. I had often looked on in
jealous admiration at the smart uniforms that air hostess' were
allowed to wear. But there again dancers get a lot of attention
that would be really exciting; I could see lots of opportunities
for adults removing my belt if I could turn them on. I actually
plumped for a secretary after the maid's jobs. I spent many a
happy moment at work watching the wiggling silly air heads
gossiping about the office.

Soon it was completed and we handed them to Miss Evans as she
passed us and scrutinised what we had written.

"Tina Ramp! She exclaimed snatching a sheet from the girl in
front of me."

I put her name together and got 'Tramp' as her signature so once
again I did not feel to bad with being known as dumber.

Tina blushed red as Miss Evans laughed gleefully. "There is
always one who puts down brain surgeon!"

We all laughed at poor Tina who thrust her despairing face in to
her hands.

"Cross it out my dear," she said putting the sheet back in front
of her, "and add something somewhat more suitable for a bimbo
like yourself."

Tina scrawled away and handed up the sheet her face crimson.

Silly 'tramp' I thought smugly. But then the awful thought hit
me. That we would become known by our signatures, and anyone
could put me down by calling me 'dumber'. What a terrible

"Ok girls," Mister Evans smiled, "we will do what we can. I
promise." He seemed sincere as he looked kindly from girl to
girl before he reached the wretched Tina, who by now wished that
she had not got out of bed this morning. "Of course I am not
sure that the institute of brain surgeons is accepting air
heads, but I will see what I can do."

We laughed partly relieved of course that it was not the rest of
us who were being held up to ridicule.


After lunch we were still aware of something odd. The mistress
cats were more anxious than usual. Lots of threats were handed

I also became aware that there were a lot of men in the
building. I don't mean the hunks that entertained the female
guests but real men. Businessmen. They were everywhere. In the
bars, in the corridors. I was curtseying so much I felt I was
not walking but hopping from place to place.

Also the girls I had been having the tests with that morning
were being called away one by one. I did not like this at all.
Worse, none were coming back.

Had they found us positions outside already? Outside? Would I be
able to escape ahead of Trisha?

I was cleaning the tables in the hall with Tracy and I whispered
to her: "what do you think is happening?"

Tracy checked that no one was listening. "I don't know but I am
a bit worried."

Did she know something? "Why are you worried?"

"Well I put down 'up market call girl' as my first choice."

I grimaced. A whore!! That was one of my last choices.

She saw my reaction and her cheeks flushed defensively. "Well?
I could meet a real rich man like in the movie Pretty Woman and
he would look after me for ever. And then it would be easy to
escape!" She wrinkled her nose thoughtfully, "if I wanted to."

Sounded doubtful to me but I replied, "good idea."

"Anyway," she leaned closer, "I put down Escort as my second and
what would happen if I ended up in a cheap dive of an escort


"Exactly." She nodded.

Miss Leopard appeared. My heart stopped. Had she heard us

"Tart?" Miss Leopard barked with sneer.

"Yes?" we both answered in unison making Miss Leopard howl with

"No you are dumber!" Miss leopard said to me, a little too
loudly for my liking. I am sure everyone in the hall heard her.
"I am coming for you next. Your turn now though Tracy."

Tracy looked very scared as she put down her cloth, swallowed,
smiled bravely at me and disappeared towards the restaurant
entrance with the smirking Miss Leopard.

Coming for me next! My stomach turned to ice. Even a call girl
was treated better than this.

When my turn came I had was putting away the vacuum cleaner.
Miss Jaguar patted my bottom and nodded towards the entrance.

I left with her nervously.

"You know," she chatted as we headed for Miss steel's office, "I
will have your arse one day."

"Yes Miss Jaguar," I said breathlessly trying to keep up in my

"I will fuck you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a

What a nasty way to put it! "Yes Miss Jaguar, thank you Miss

"I am a real good fuck you know," she continued conceitedly.

"Yes Miss Jaguar."

"You will love it!"

She squeezed my arse making me squeal, which as ever she found
very amusing.

I was grateful to be shown into Miss Steel's office. I felt
safer in there than I did with Miss Jaguar. She was so much
taller and stronger than me. Her sinewy arms were obviously well
toned in the gym every day.

Miss Steel had two guests: two smartly dressed men, one in his
fifties the other much slighter in his twenties.

They were finishing some coffee and a maid was clearing their
cups from a small coffee table.

The two men rose as I entered. Miss Steel of course ignored me
and I simply stood in the usual pose next to Miss Jaguar.

The older men had distinguished grey hair and a face that seemed
to have a permanent smile on it. He shook Miss Steel's hand
vigorously. "We are mighty impressed with your set up."

"Thank you Mister Bryant, you are most kind."

"Not at all," Bryant enthused indicating his companion, "the
doctor here has performed many experiments in mind control for
us, but the C.I.A. has never achieved anything like these
results in such a short space of time."

"Our methods are tried and tested in the market place," Miss
Steel smiled. I felt she was impatient and desperate to be rid
of the two men.

The doctor nodded, "yes Miss Steel the market place is the best
test of all. And they certainly pass that test. We were sure
that there were two of your girls on the airline coming over

"Definitely," Bryant nodded. "Gorgeous, cute, submissive and
willing. A fella could not ask for more."

Everyone laughed at his idiotic joke. I wondered what he was
talking about.

"Well," Miss Steel explained, "when we found a lack of girls
applying to be maids we were struck by how society had changed
so quickly."

"Exactly" the doctor pointed out, "with women now becoming
managers and executives they just don't want the menial,
demeaning jobs any more."

"Quite. That was how we hit on the idea of our current
recruitment methods. Of course even we could not have foreseen
how the world would beat a path to our door for our girls. One
hotel chain has asked for twenty girls in just eight weeks time.
So you can appreciate how investment from the C.I.A. would be

"And I cannot see a problem," he coughed embarrassedly as he
looked at the maid tidying up the coffee pots and then at me.

I was getting used to the way adults would appraise my body by
scanning my legs first then slowly working their way up to my

"Just one thing." He laughed self-consciously. "I was sort of
wondering if, well, if I could have one of the girls as my own
secretary." Suddenly he became mannered and laughed again. "You
know for a close at hand study. In the field. I am sure you

Miss Steel smiled. "Of course. I will have one over to you in
the next few weeks."

"Jesus!" Bryant exclaimed wildly. "Great! Only don't tell the
wife? Ok?"

Miss Steel nodded conspiratorially and then checked her watch.
She was desperate to get rid of these two men. She just wanted
their money.

As they headed for the door the doctor stopped and turned to
Miss Steel as if he had been trying to find the right words to
ask something delicate.

"Miss Steel, I do understand how secret you wish to keep your
processing for these male maids but I was ..."

"Maids," Miss Steel said, her face growing grey with disdain.
"They are maids. The word 'male' does not describe them in any

"Yes quite," the doctor nodded, "I just wanted to see the
process close up. Watch it happening. See what I can learn."

I watched the familiar and terrifying sneer rise on Miss Steel's
lips. "Why of course doctor. Miss Jaguar here will show you to
the rear entrance where we have a new batch of six waiting to be
'processed' as you put it."

The doctor was excited. "Great. So I can watch the process close

Miss Steel was now in one of her sadistic moods and I feared for
the foolish doctor.

"Yes," she nodded, "why not take your clothes off with them and
join them in a line. That way they won't realise that you are
observing them. They will think you are there for the training
just as they are."

I closed my eyes. Don't say 'yes', I thought for him.

"Yes!" he exclaimed sealing his fate.

"If you are really good perhaps I can send you over with Mister
Bryant when he flies back,"

The two men laughed at this joke but Miss Steels' face was stone
and her eyes shone with malice. Everyone apart from the two
silly men realised that the doctor would be sitting on a plane
in short skirt checking his blond hair in a very short space of

"Hey," said Bryant, "now I want one of those real cuties you
have got, not some bloke in drag!"

They laughed as Miss Steel showed them out nodding to a smug
looking Miss Jaguar, "why not show the doctor the changing room
and help him get accustomed to the 'process' as he likes to
describe it."

Miss Jaguar left with a pat to my bum and before the door could
close Paulo and Linda, I mean Miss Johnson entered now hand in

Miss Johnson smiled warmly at me, her cheeks tingling red. It
was as if I were her best friend and we knew something naughty
about each other. She made no effort to break away from his grip
or conceal their hand holding. We had all passed the point!

Paulo's grin was far less pleasant of course and made me recall
my dreadful humiliations at his hands the previous night.

How he had me and his girl friend, I mean Miss Johnson, I mean
Linda my wife. But somehow she did not seem to be a wife to me
any more.

"I am afraid we will have to be very quick," Miss Steel
announced leading them both to her desk. "And I know that you
are both desperate to get away early from here."

Miss Johnson gripped Paulo's arm eagerly. I was tense with
helpless jealousy.

"Now as you know Debbie here will stay on for a bit longer to
continue her training." She looked up at me with a smile. I
think it was her attempt at pretending to offer a warm smile. It
scared me. "She has been so clever. Her lessons have gone so

Paulo chortled and Miss Johnson beamed at me as if she was
pleased for me!

"Whether it has been 'bed making' or dancing she has performed
her tasks diligently and with distinction."

I could have curled up and died there and then.

"However she wrote this," she held up some sheets of paper with
my handwriting on it.

Miss Johnson took hold of it and was shocked. Paulo read it
briefly and then sniggered at me.

"Breasts?" Miss Johnson asked me in astonishment. "You would
like real breasts!"

Miss Steel flashed my essay from that very morning before my
eyes. "You did write this, did you not my dear?"

"Yes Miss Steel," I bobbed a curtsey. How could I say 'but it is
not what I really want' without getting a terrible beating for
using words outside my allowance whilst on duty?

"It is not unusual for the maids to want real breasts rather
than the stuck on ones which can be very inconvenient."

Miss Johnson looked back at my essay in shock. "Well if it is
what she wants .." she said uncertainly.

"I am glad you agree," Miss Steel announced. "Such a well
behaved little girl deserves a treat from time to time."

"I suppose so," Miss Johnson said glancing at me for a clue as
to what I was really thinking.

I maintained my wide eyed pout, any other expression would not
be permitted.

"Of course there is the small matter of the expense of the
operation," Miss Steel ventured as if thinking aloud.

"How much?" Paulo asked.

"Three thousand," Miss Steel said quickly.

Paulo shook his head.

"Well I am sure we could look at a deal," Miss Steel said

"Who is Dumber?" Miss Johnson asked reading the name stamped on
the top of my form before breaking up into giggles. "Oh dear,"
she looked at me and smiled sympathetically. "That is
unfortunate isn't it. A pretty name like Debbie Umber ends up as
Dumber on a signature."

"Sounds about right to me," smirked Paulo. "Make it two grand."

"Well ..." Miss Steel pretended to be doubtful.

"She won't be bigger than me will she!" Miss Johnson exclaimed
with sudden but urgent concern.

"No. Thirty eight 'C' is what she has asked for. So I'd say
about the same size as you. And in this case I will make an
exception and accept two thousand. You drive a hard barging

Miss Johnson still looked doubtful as Miss Steel asked them to
leave the cheque at reception.

If only I could say something. But I knew I could not.

"I believe we will see you both back for the bondage training,"
Miss Steel said making polite conversation but steering them
briskly to the door.

"Yes," Miss Johnson said eagerly, "I do want to learn that hog
tie I saw in a video."

Miss Steel laughed, quite genuinely this time, "oh indeed.
Watching a silly minx of a maid tied so that she can barely even
wriggle always gets me excited."

"Linda has already had some experience of the hog tie," Paulo
laughed patting my wife's arse. "I kept her bound for two hours
as if she was nothing better than a maid."

I was horrified. My wife tied up by that dreadful man for his
entertainment. Miss Johnson looked at me and blushed but again
I had the impression she now regarded me as a sort of confident.
A girl friend who knows all about her private life. I had never
dared ask her if I could tie her up. I felt sure that she would
have found it degrading.

They left as Mister and Mrs Deacon entered and ebulliently shook
Miss Steel's hand.

It was as if all my life was passing before my eyes.

"We so much have enjoyed our stay!" gushed Mrs Deacon shaking
her blond hair from her tee shirt.

Miss Steel, closed the door as I saw Paulo nibble at my wife I
mean Miss Johnson's neck as they headed for the main entrance to
The Hotel.

Miss Steel smiled as patiently as she could. "I am very pleased
and I gather Debbie here as made her own contribution to your
pleasurable stay with us?"

Miss Steel indicated me and Mrs Deacon rushed over and grabbed
and kissed me. Oh it was so exciting to be kissed by such an
alluring young woman but of course I could not react and
remained doll like and implacable.

"Oh Debbie, when can you join us!"

Miss Steel gently took Mrs Deacon's arm and led her back to the
desk where Mister Deacon winked knowingly at me. I was desperate
to smile to them.

"Very soon now my dears. These things take time. In fact that is
why I have brought you here. You see," She became serious
picking up my stomach turning essay on wanting boobs, "only
today little Debbie here presented us with this."

She handed it to the couple who scanned through the pages. Their
faces switched from shock to grinning approval.

"Wonderful," Mrs Deacon exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'll run with that," mister Deacon added.

Miss Steel shook her head sadly. "Alas the operation will cost
two, maybe three thousand so I am afraid that poor Debbie will
just have to get used to her stick on ones."

Mrs Deacon pulled a face, "how horrible. Stick on ones!" She
turned pleadingly to her husband. "You have to buy them for her.
It's only a couple of grand. You pay more than that for a suit."

Mister Deacon pondered the notion.

"Oh please," Mrs Deacon begged, "just for me?"

Mister Deacon relented and agreed.

Miss Steel expressed relief, suggested he leave the cheque at
reception and was already marching them back to the door.

"See you soon babe!" Mister Deacon called back to me.

I felt it appropriate to curtsey and say "yes mister Deacon
thank you mister Deacon."

His wife charged over to me and hugged and kissed me, "we are
going to have soooo much fun Debbie."

Then they were gone.

Miss Steel shook her head as if she were suddenly tired. She
wrote some notes on a form and then picked up the phone.

"You can show Mistress Shania in now."

Oh! My knees trembled. My stomach churned like a teenager in
love. Mistress Shania. How could I face her after she had so
easily seduced me and then simply thrown me out.

She entered and on seeing me smiled sweetly, "can you sit down
yet slut?"

I blushed to the roots of my hair and curtseyed, "a yes thank
you mistress".

She laughed to herself and sat opposite Miss Steel who leaned
against the desk.

Miss Jaguar entered and closed the door quietly behind her. "The
good doctor has stripped and had his first canning. I don't
think he will be too much trouble."

"They never are," sighed Miss steel almost regretfully. She then
beamed at Mistress Shania. "I think you should read this."

Oh my God, she was handing Mistress Shania my essay. Was there
no end to my shame?

Mistress Shania glanced through it and handed back seconds later
without comment.

"Sadly the poor thing has no money and an operation like that
can cost ...."

"One thousand, two hundred, I believe," Mistress Shania added
quickly. "We have been through this many times before in the
past. I suspect that with a shaggable tramp like this," she
waved a hand at me, "getting folk to part with their hard earned
cash for her modifications is not difficult."

"Yes well," Miss Steel did like anyone getting the better of her
and thumped the essay down hard on her desk. She then looked
maliciously at me as if I were responsible! Oh! how many smacks
would I get for this! It was so unfair. But she tried one of her
awful smiles and turned back to Mistress Shania. "These things
do cost money and as someone who gets more than her fair share
of pleasure from her ...."

Mistress Shania rose. "One thousand only."

Miss Steel shook her head sadly.

"My final offer."

"Well," the older lady said, as if resigned to defeat, "very
well. Please leave your cheque .."

"At reception I know," Mistress Shania was already walking
towards the door. "But for that I want her arse bigger. It's a
bit boyish once you get her knickers off ..."

How I fumed.

I could see that Miss Jaguar's jealousy was getting the better
of her. I felt so frightened and vulnerable in this room full of
strong willed ladies.

"Well maybe for an extra five hundred," ventured Miss Steel.

"And some collagen for the lips. But I don't want her deformed.
Just a little touch. Is it Doctor Price doing the cutting and

Cutting and prodding! I felt feint.

Miss Steel nodded.

"Good," said Mistress Shania as she left. "I like his work."

And then she was gone.

Miss Steel lost her look of apparent disappointment and seemed
quite impressed with the notes she had made.

"A few more girls like you and I can retire," she said to me
without catching my eye.

Miss Jaguar took hold of my arm and led me away. But I needed to
argue. I could not let this happen. But how can I argue when I
am not even allowed to speak?"

Outside the door was scared looking Sharon in the firm grip of
Miss leopard. She was shunted into the room leaving only a brief
moment for us to share a look of mutual alarm and panic.


I was taken to the same hospital section where Miss Evans had
examined me before. And once again I stripped for the two nurse
maids. I wondered if they were the same as the last time I was
here. It was so difficult to tell any of us apart. They handed
me the keys for my shoes and corset.

Miss Evans entered when I was naked.

"Onto the bed and lie on your stomach slut."

She had lost none of her good manners!

As I lay down on the trolly bed I saw one of the nurses
preparing a syringe.

"Please Miss Evans there has been an almighty mistake," I said
bravely fighting back the tears.

I wondered how she would react to me speaking out of turn. I
need not have worried as she simply ignored me and rubbed some
fluid over my bottom.

I felt the tears dribble onto my nose. "Please Miss Evans don't
do this."

"But you have asked for it. Inconsiderable detail if you
remember." Miss Steel pushed the syringe deep into my buttocks
and I squealed.

"No please. I have been tricked. I want to get away from here."

"Roll over slut," Miss Evans said matter of factly.

I did as I was told. My head was already swirling like I was
half in a dream.

"If you wanted to get away from here you would have already done
so wouldn't you."

"But I couldn't," I pointed out. "You would not let me!"

Miss Evans chuckled. "They all say that and I always ask: who
would not let you leave? Are there armed guards on the entrance?
Why not just walk out of here?"

Eh? Why had I not 'just walked out' as she had put it. She was
right. I thought back to the early days when Mister Deacon had
dragged me outside to reprimand me for upsetting my wife's night
out with Paulo. I could easily have just walked off down the
drive and back to the real world.

Miss Steel checked my eyes: "And when you were alone with the
guests or one of the Mistress cats, could you not easily have
overpowered them if you really wanted to?"

My eyes grew heavy with this strange logic.

Why had I not escaped? Trish had spoken many times of escape but
all we had to do was walk out. Yet every night after a date I
dutifully returned to my dormitory and fastened my own body to
my partner in bed.

"Oh." Was the last sound I made before the clouds of a heavy
sleep enveloped me.

But one thing I knew there and then. My very next opportunity I
would escape either with Trish or on my own!