The Trannylock:
Chastity For Shemales and Shemales-to-be

Are you or is anyone you know endeavoring to become female? Is progress being slowed by interference from that horny little piece of maleness still trying to assert itself?
      That's what the Trannylock is specifically designed for. Imagine reaching down to tease the little thing, only to find a smooth, polished, unyielding piece of steel running between the legs. There'll be no more lapses of femininity from you, dear sissy!

Chasti-Permalock, makers of the popular Chastilock 2000 for women, have done it again, with their new Trannylock. Available in both belt and pierced-on forms, the Trannylock is an often-overlooked but indispensible part of training. With the Trannylock, cold hard steel is the trainer's ally, ensuring that the sissy will find no joy in disobedience.
      The Trannylock initially looks like any chastity belt for men, and can be worn as such for long periods of time, allowing a lengthy test to ensure that wearing the belt will not cause allergies to flare and such. But there is a small button on the underside of the shackle shroud surrounding the lock which, when pressed in with the point of an opened paper-clip, initiates the unit's nanomachines' program. Once you are sure that there will be no medical emergencies, you can activate the belt with confidence. Like the Chastilock 2000, the Trannylock utilizes nanotechnology, with the belt's micromachines being capable of reshaping matter on a molecular level. In the case of the Trannylock, the lock and shroud retreat into the device, and the joints fuse together. Within a week, the belt shrinks to exactly the right level of snugness, and becomes entirely seamless. More over, the Trannylock alters the body just below the testicles, hollowing out a larger region so that it can tuck the sac and the penis in, leaving no detectable bulge whatsoever. As an optional feature, the Trannylock can also develop a faux vagina in the front, allowing your sissy to have intercourse like a woman, but without ever feeling a single sensation from it.



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There are other useful options available. The Trannylock can be fitted with a "zapper," which will generate painful shocks to the hidden genitalia per signal from remote control, or if any fabric is worn between the legs. In the latter case, the she-thing will never be able to wear panties, hose or a bikini, but it will also ensure that she cannot wear pants ever again! She will be limited only to skirts, stockings, slips and dresses. The shocking function can also be synchronized with our specially-designed bark collar, to enforce silence and obediance from your sissy. You can also get a heavy latex-polymer corset, to nip in that waist for an appropriate hourglass figure. The nanomachines also keep all of the regions that the belt covers clean and prevent infections of any kind.
      After some time, the Trannylock will fuse to the shemale's skin, making friction and sensation a thing of the past. It fuses on a molecular level, and will become another part of your sissy's body. The nanites will go to work on those lower extremeties, replacing all of that testosterone with estrogen and non-interfering aphrodisiacs. After all, you will want your little slut in a constant state of arousal: she will be much more attentive and eager to service you, that way. Your little pussy's "clit" will still be able to expand a little, but with the tube fused to it gently expanding and contracting with it, there will be no means by which she could attempt orgasm. She will become very hot, and should become very enthusiastic about her oral and anal training.


There are some who wish to permanently curb any chance of their sissy's erotic stimulation altogether, and this, too, can be accomplished. The pierced-on Trannylock is still able to encorporate the other features (i.e. shocks to prevent wearing pants), and can also be worn more discreetly. Like the belt design, the Trannylock will eventually fuse to the body, but it will also eventually smooth over and grow an exterior "skin" over the genilatia, leaving nothing but a small urinary hole visible. For all intents and purposes, the wearer's lower body will appear entirely sexless. After all, these are the devious innovations you've come to expect from Chasti-Permalock Corporation.


Other devices available include bark collars, pierced nipple covers with optional crossbar, and more! Order yours today!